Your phone has many numbers that you know exist and that you may know by heart: the phone number, the PIN code, the PUK code. But also the phone has an IMEI number. The IMEI number is similar to your ID, but the phone is the identification number of the mobile phone, and it is important to know how to find it.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity as we tell you, the identity of your mobile phone. It allows us to identify any mobile phone, whatever it’s model or age. Today we explain why it is important and how you can check your IMEI.

The IMEI number, as we say, is the identification number of your mobile and allows it to be known from where you connect, who connects and which phone connects. It is for the operator to know the status of the phone and not to spy on you, as some applications that you have installed on your mobile phone do.

The code has 15 digits, and everyone has a why. The first six correspond to the country; the following two correspond to the manufacturer, the following six to the serial number and the last number is a check digit to know that it is correct. Fifteen digits that can help you if your mobile is stolen to be able to block it. You can still know how to change imei number in USA, just follow the link.

How To Find The IMEI Number

If you need it or if someone ever asks you about it, you may not know of its existence and know-how to find it. You already know what it is (the identity code of your mobile phone) and to find it you will have to save the box of your mobile phone when you buy it because it will appear there on a label, next to the barcode.

But since we know that saving a box is not always easy, you can also find the code by accessing your mobile phone. Go to Settings> About phone> Status> IMEI information. If you follow these steps, the IMEI code will appear on your mobile phone.