The invention of Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride or NR is specifically famous as dietary supplements. This element is obtained as the component of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD cation vitamin. This medicine is also known as NIAGEN. 

In the history of medical science, the invention of NR is quite grateful for human beings. Because of the demand for milk due to availability almost every protein, calcium, and other minerals. But there is a certain limit to everything. It seems that the necessity acrosses the liter of milk. NAD+ is the main source of this NR component. Bypassing the NAD+ through catabolic reactions the production of NR has possible. 

The NR level in milk is depending upon the Quality of milk like cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, etc. The significant result which came up like surprisingly that the NR component doesn’t destroy after putting it in high temperature for 24 hours. Thus by consuming cow’s milk, a man can get almost 600 micrograms per day. 

The National Centre of Health Statistics has reported that NIAGEN consumption is very important for infants, children, and teenagers. They have done a survey in an area and published the results. From the results and health condition, they have come up with some statistical report which can be found on the official website of them. 

The report from National Health And Nutrition Examination Surveys or NHANES has recorded the data on food use and consumption in a particular area of the United States. The survey was going along for 2 years. The survey has done with every member of a family. The age, sex, weight, and all measurements along with the diseases were mentioned. 

The main motive of the survey was to check the food consumption test. The chart while the people were taking their regular meal was recorded. As long as the peak of the graph remained constant. Then, they have tested the same measurements after applying NR or NIAGEN to them. 

The result was surprising. The growth, weight have increased more than before. This data was recorded by examining the infant, teenagers, and children. The middle-aged people and old persons were feeling very energetic after having these. These have changed the weight and height of those too but the changes were more noticeable for the kids. The physiological and metabolic changes were the best two achievements of NR. 

This element is occupying the lack of vitamins in our body. Along with the metabolic rate, it maintains the BMR of our body. It plays an important role to maintain the cholesterol level of our body. By lipid metabolism and lipoprotein elevation, it maintains the regulations of the fats in overweighted persons. This is why nowadays, NIAGEN is as necessary as dietary ingredients like Oleoylethanolamide (OEA), especially for the children. The dose must be given only after doing the 8bweek body checkup.