The secret to hosting the most loved and talked about party is not about inviting popular guests, the music playing in the background, or the food served for lunch or dinner. It is the appetizers served in the party right from the start of it. As you welcome the guests, you can’t pay attention to each of them at the same time. It is here these finger licking appetizers come to rescue. Besides making them feel comfortable, it also gives the guest an excuse to start a conversation with others if they don’t happen to know each other. Reviews lists here some of the favorite appetizers for a party.

The Food

  1. Finger food – From time immemorial, finger foods are always a big hit both among the adults as well as children. You can have French fries cut in different shapes and sizes. You can also have pinwheel sandwiches, pita bread, fritters, or potato wedges. Serve them with different sauces and hummus.
  2. BBQ chicken and meat – Have a fresh BBQ going on in a corner. You can serve hot, juicy, and tender barbecued chicken, ham, or sausage. The trick is to start serving when you have made a good quantity of it as the guests will hardly get over with it and will come again and again for a refill. 
  3. Pasta and pizza – You can have small pan pizzas cut into smaller sizes suited for a quick bite. You can arrange a variety of them, keeping in mind the taste buds and the age group of the guest list. Similarly, you can serve pasta in fancy small paper containers so that it is just enough as a starter. 
  4. Baby burgers – Burger are a favorite of many people. You can arrange ham, cheese, veggie, or chicken burger for your guests. Remember to make it in small sizes as you do not want your guests to feel full at the start and hit the couch. You can serve it with mayonnaise, sauces or any other condiments you prefer. You can also lay out a ‘Do It Yourself’ burger corner at the party. All the items needed for a burger can be laid out and properly labelled to let the guest quickly make it according to their taste buds. 
  5. Salad – Now, who wouldn’t love salad in this healthy conscious world. Keep a large bowl of salad with lots of fruits and vegetable mixed. Do not mix the salad spread with it as it might become soggy after some time. Instead, you can keep them aside and let the guests take their helping of each in their bowl. This idea of salad mixing is surely going to be loved by all your guests. 


To make the appetizers look appealing, you can add a tag along with it giving it a funky name with a one liner description of it. Reviews hopes that it would now be easy for you to plan the menu of your next party.