Life doesn’t mean simple existence, at least not for humans. Modern technology has simplified numerous things and eliminated the need for acquiring various skills that you couldn’t do without before. According to Handy, we should take the help of modern technology wherever possible. However, there are certain skills that you simply can’t skip out. They come into play in your daily life, critical situations, and emergencies. Here’s a few of them:

The Skills

  1. Rudimentary First Aid – One of the most important survival skills can’t be ignored. You don’t really need it too often. However, this skill in your repertoire can mean the difference between life and death during unforeseen circumstances. You need to know to clean and dress a wound so that the wound doesn’t get infected and inflict severe harm to you or the people around you. Moreover, basic first aid also makes you aware of your limits. You shouldn’t attempt to mend a broken bone since it may worsen the injury. 
  2. Building a campfire and a shelter – You can make use of this skill during your camping trips and in survival situations. A stack of wood wouldn’t just light up and even if it does, there is no certainty of the fire burning for more than a few minutes. You need to know the arrangement of wood sticks and branches to allow optimum oxygen for the fire to burn. 

If you are fortunate enough you won’t need to know about building a shelter. However, a survival shelter will protect you from the elements and wandering animals if you find yourself stranded in an unknown land. You also need to be aware of your surrounding topography to avoid dangerous areas like watering holes or hunting trails of ferocious animals. 

  1. Changing a tire – As long as humanity uses pneumatic tires, you would definitely end up changing a tire at least once in your life. A flat tire is an inevitability that we all must face. That’s the reason you end up with a spare tire mounted at the back of your vehicle or inside your trunk. Knowing how to change a flat tire saves you time that would have been wasted in waiting for help. Either way, you don’t want to push your car or walk up long miles in search of a mechanic. 
  2. CPR – CPR is an essential life-saving skill that should be acquired by anyone and everyone. It may be complicated to take another person’s life into your own hands. However, the life or lives that you save will be the biggest accomplishment of your own. Even if you have learned CPR, you may want to consider a new lesson, since methods from a decade back are obsolete due to new research and it is a skill people tend to forget due to lack of practice.


Handy believes that the skills mentioned above can save your or another person’s life in crucial situations and must be in your portfolio. You don’t know when you may need them. However, when it calls for action you must be prepared.