There are many people who like to keep their identity anonymous while they are surfing websites that are restricted in their countries. For this people usually go for the VPN services available online. If you want something advanced and platform with the stronger encryption you can go with the airvpn. This is available in many packages and you can buy as per your requirements.  This also comes with many advanced features as compared to the normal VPN platform.

AirVPN - The air to breathe the real Internet - AirVPN

Some of the major benefits of air virtual private network are:

  • Multiple connections through single account – with the normal VPN services, you can usually use one account on one device. Multiple connection features lacks in many VPN platforms but on AIR virtual private network you can easily use your single account on at least 5 different devices together. People who travel a lot get benefit from this as they can easily surf the internet through their cell phones and various other devices if they want.
  • Low cost and trail pack – many people think that air virtual private network services are costly but this is not the case. They offer you decent subscription packages based on your days of usage. You also get the trail version of 3 days to check all the features available on this platform. Many people who want to be anonymous also buy the subscription package from the crytocurrencies.
  • Advanced customers services – when it comes to the air virtual private network there are lots of features available at the interface. Many people who are beginner in dealing with the VPN can face problem in understanding it clearly. To solve this issue, there are sound customer services available on this platform. Even if you are not the registered subscriber you can go through the forum to understand the various services and features.
  • Strong encryption – one of the major reasons that people use this platform is the strong encryption that it offers. It gives you almost 256 bit encryption. This is higher than any other provider. This is unbreakable and all your information and data will remain safe and secure from any hacking activities.