If you plan to visit Japan in winter, you will find a lot of blogs and articles on the internet telling you about the top destinations to include in Japan winter tours. However, seldom they will speak about the specific clothing. To start with, come out of the idea that you cannot be fashionable while visiting Japan in winter. There are lots of different clothing items that you can wear in December, January and February in Japan during your travel. Next, if you are a first-timer, be informed that the temperature in Japan can be really cold in winter, especially in Tokyo.

The winter weather in Japan

You must first know about the weather conditions in Japan during winter. This will help you to make the right choice. January and February in Japan can be really cold. The northern parts of Japan like Hokkaido and Tohoku are the coldest regions. It can start snowing from end October in Hokkaido and from January in Tokyo. The temperature may reach below freezing point sometimes. The average temperature in these three months in Tokyo can be 8 or 46.4 in December, 5 or 41 in January and 6 or 42.8 in February. This means that Japan can be really cold after Christmas and New Year.

Clothes to wear

Depending on the region you are from, your choice of clothes will be different. If you are from a tropical country and not used to snowing you will need long-sleeved T-shirts and a sweater along with a down coat. You may also need warm socks or heat packs. If you are used to cold temperature, you may feel comfortable in a T-shirt and a jacket or even a hoodie when you visit Japan in winter. Depending on your sensitivity, you can pack some fleece lined leggings, heat-tech range, or packable down jackets as well.