Anime embodies 21st-century Japanese culture. This art form has encapsulated millions of fans around the world. There are several tour packages for anime fans in Japan. The most noted Anime Festival is the ‘Anime Japan.’ Here, fans get to witness and relive their most cherished anime episodes, scenes, and moments. There’s also the added lure of purchasing limited edition collectibles on these tours. Although there’s a lot more to Japan than anime, most youngsters find the anime culture the most appealing. The Japanese tourism industry lives up to global expectations by creating ultimate fandom experiences for visitors. Here are the best places which hold tours that will blow the minds of any anime fan.

Akihabara – The ‘Mecca’ of Anime

Akihabara is a small region near the Akihabara Station in Tokyo. It is the place to be for all anime fans. This region is a paradise for people who like to purchase anime collectibles. Several anime tours start off at Akihabara as an ode to this place’s legendary status in the anime fandom. There are several stores selling official merchandise from some of the best anime shows in the world. Animate is one of the most packed stores in the region. Almost all stores are always packed with people and stocked with top-quality anime merchandise. An added lure is the traditional gaming arcade. Nearby Akihabara are several cafes where you can rest for a while.

The Ghibli Museum

The Ghibli Museum was launched in 2002. It is the hub of all films produced by the legendary animation production company – Ghibli. It’s equivalent to Disney in the US. Visitors get to explore the intricacies of Hayao Miyazaki’s (a world-renowned animation filmmaker) work. It is very difficult to get tickets to the museum as they sell out within seconds. Inside the museum awaits a once in a lifetime immersive experience that anime fans will never forget.