The urban life and go into the beautiful desert landscape with the 4×4 car the trip will give you the chance to take the breathtaking desert, rare birds and enjoy various fun activities. you have plenty of time to explore all of this as a desert remain quite cool

After you have completed all the thrilling desert-related activities, a delicious breakfast will be served to indulge your palate. Then you are taken back at your for the night. Accommodation and can enjoy the remainder of the day according to your plan.

The company Evening desert Safaris & Morning Desert Safaris 

Many people prefer overnight safaris, assuming those morning safaris are too hot. Contrary to what many believe, mornings in the desert are quite pleasant and cool. It gives plenty of time to enjoy the desert activities under plenty of sunshine. When it’s still extremely hot 

Morning desert safaris give you the chance to observe certain rare animals such as Arabian gazelle oryxes and oryxes that venture open in the morning hour. There are unique events such as hot air balloon flights, which can only be enjoyed during the morning safaris 

Also, you will be able to take in the peaceful desert with fewer tourists in the area. You can dine like a queen to your hearts’ delight at breakfast which is included in this safaris.


The cold morning desert offers the ideal opportunity to take part in an array of desert-related activities. Atypical safaris begin with the famous dune slamming in a 4×4 car that you choose. The experienced driver will drive over the changing sand mounds and gives the ride and adrenaline rush! Once you’ve completed in thrilling experienced, .you can choose choices to take part in the other options like sandboarding quad biking or dune buggy driving; hot air balloon rides for instance. A golden glow from the sun and the sand provides you with a great opportunity to capture the splendor of the desert with your camera. 


The safari in the morning is usually followed by a delicious spread of breakfast alongside a variety of traditional international cuisine, local delight such as Rgaag with eggs as well as an Arabic bread egg preparation Balated (sweet noodles )and pancakes, dubbed Shabaab a are also offered for breakfast. Arabic coffee is very papular also .it is a great way to enjoy your breakfast of the day without guilt because you’ll use the rest of the day to burn off that excess.

A typical Morning Desert safari Experienced 

Dubai is a well-known safaris adventure in a different day and night season; the Arabian desert landscape is an appealing charm. A morning desert safari can be the perfect beginning for your morning. But, contrary to a night safari, you’re refreshed and ready to take on this thrilling trip. 

The sunrise sun provides an eternal light to the soft sands of the desert, which remains cool despite the effects of the previous cold night. This allows you to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the peaceful Arabian desert even though it’s not overly hot. 

A typical desert safari in the morning begins with the driver arriving in a 4×4 van from the location of your stay in the predetermined time in the early morning .you then drive through the city and into the completely different landscape in the Arabian desert. 

The camp is typically located within the red Lahbab of the Dubai conservation reserve. the desert safaris in the morning begin with a dune bashing exercise, then you are taken a thrilling rollercoaster ride across the dunes with the experienced driver of the vehicle you are riding in 

There are additional activities to enjoy at the desert camp. Sandboarding is alot of fun because it lets you scan slides on the sand mounds using the board. You can take a dune buggy with your guide. The most exciting morning activity to do can be the balloon fight. 

The ride pilots are experts to provide you with the experience of a lifetime! From 4000 feet up above the desert floor, the scenery of the stunning desert is truly captivating. 

Camel rides are the most popular for kids as well as adults. Finding rare animals and plants is another highlight of this safari. The sight of gazelles galloping and Arabian oryxes in their native habitat is an experience on a safari adventure that’s quite memorable.

After you’ve had a satisfying the excitement of the day and adventure a delicious breakfast (depending on what you choose )is waiting for you .there are many local and international dishes and drinks .it is possible to try the extravagant buffet. This will conclude you’re exciting excursion to the desert. You will be safe back to where you started your accommodation