Your living room is the place where you spend most of the time during a day. It is also the place where you greet guests frequently. Who wouldn’t like to leave a good impression on guests of their house? On the other hand, it must be comfortable for you to relax and have the feel of coming home. The living room portrays your character and aesthetics. You can also add a personal touch to the décor to make it more homely.

The Basics of Room Arrangement

The most eye-catching part of living room is not only its furniture. A lighting fixture is what defines the atmosphere of the room and highlight every feature of the space. However, there are certain factors that can help you get the right lighting for you. The lighting should have both functionality and appearance. You cannot miss out on points of functionality in order to get a gorgeous piece of lighting. Let us look at one of the most discussed and adored lighting fixtures for your home – the chandelier.

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Is the Chandelier Matching with The Room Arrangement?

When we are under the full influence of buying a beautiful chandelier, many tend to focus on which chandelier look good rather than what would look good in the room. You can identify the overall character of the room with all the components present in the room – from carpet on the floor to the color of the wall. Together they form a harmonious existence.

The Three Factors for Getting the Right Chandelier

  • Size of the chandelier – You can get the size of the chandelier you need to buy with the help of professionals. Basically, you measure the total space of the room to get an idea. You cannot buy too small a light or something that may overwhelm the space. It is good to have a few pendant lights for a small room.
  • Height – You would also need to measure the distance of chandelier from the surface below so that it isn’t inconvenient for people.
  • Where to place – You have to determine the place you want to hang the chandelier. It must serve its function as well.

Only One Center Piece May Not Be Enough

Getting a single chandelier cannot illuminate certain areas and corners of the room. To help lighting up the whole room requires background lighting like recessed lighting or Led strips.

Which Types of Chandelier Might Suit the Living Room?

  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Antique chandeliers
  • Low-hanging chandeliers or ceiling mounts
  • Farmhouse-style chandeliers (rustic)
  • Crystal chandelier with modern design

You can look for specific base materials, which come with designs that can be both antique and contemporary.