Every home with a front yard or any kind of garden big or small needs a set of hand tools and power tools to help keep things a little more clean and neat. We’re here to help you determine what kind of tools you need to get you started on this journey.

There’s a difference between hand tools and power tools and you need to have a mix of both for several reasons. Hand tools are from the term itself handy, they’re small items that help in specific things for example a pair of gloves, this kind of item is used for simple things such as keeping your hands safe when working in your garden. We’ll get into more details about these kind of tools and get to the bigger power tools as well.

What we’ll do first is note down all the tools we’ll be mentioning in this blog and then go a little deeper about what each tool is used for. Before we begin listing the tools we just wanted to mention that these products are selected based on the best sellers from the HomeWagon team and their website offers all sorts of helpful tools but we’ll be chatting about their top 5 hand and power tools to help keep your front yard and garden clean.

The list of the top 5 hand and power tools:

  • Black & Decker pressure washer
  • Outdoor solar light
  • Steel reel with hose
  • Wheel barrow

We’ll start off with the Black & Decker pressure washer because it’s the biggest item on the list. It’s a power tool that works by blasting water in a high pressure to clean the dirtiest of items you could think of in your front yard, dirty chairs? Blast that pressure washer and they’re clean. An outdoor window has nasty build up from that dusty weather and can’t reach them? Blast that pressure washer and you won’t worry about dirty windows again. I think you get the point by now, it’s the it power tool for you to clean all over your outdoors area with ease and satisfaction. Did we mention it’s perfect for giving your car a good clean instead of going to a carwash? Yes, it features a soap box that you fill up with your desired soap and attach it back in place, then you’re all good to go with giving your car that wash in the comfort of your own home and it’s also a really fun activity to waste time, very satisfying might I add. 

Second item of the list is the Outdoors solar light, what might this light add to my life you say? Let us just say that the world solar itself should’ve grasped your attention already! It’s a light that requires no wiring, no batteries and no energy to even think about how to turn it on. You just attach it to your walls and leave it to soak up that sunlight and wait for it to get dark outside and hold for the magic to happen.. just like that you got your area to light up and you can enjoy your outdoors area. It’s perfect for your outdoor garage area as well, maybe if you got a swimming pool area, any place outdoors that needs a shed of light this solar light is the it item for you.

Third item on the list would be the Steel reel with hose, not the fanciest tool but it sure keeps things tidy. This tool is very obvious it’s a steel real that comes with a hose for your home garden. After you’re done using the hose you just reel it in back to place instead of keeping the hose lying on the ground or wrapped up in a messy way anywhere around your garden. Sometimes these simple products are needed, they don’t need to be fancy gadgets and tools good and simple works too.

Last but not least on the list we got another good old fashioned hand tool and it is the wheel barrow. This tool is also categories as simple but you still need to pick them carefully because these simple products quality is key to keeping them in shape and working, if you get any material let’s say that rusts easily with use then they’re no good for you, you’ll probably end up spending more on getting a new one each time it gets ruined so better to spend properly on such products. A wheel barrow carries things for you so you wouldn’t have to list any heavy items or go back and forth. Got a bunch of grass or tree trunks to move around? Get a wheel barrow simple as that no need to go deeper than this unless you get your DIY cap on and think of more ways to use it, we love a good DIY idea. 

And there you have it, simple yet essential tools you need to have in your home. Don’t want to go around looking for these products? Like we mentioned all these tools were picked by HomeWagon and they’re available on their app and website for purchase. Get these products in the comfort of your own home all with a click of a button.