Your home needs to have your face and express your style in every corner of the house so that you can welcome and welcome everyone you love. There are several ways to personalize the environments in a creative and stylish way, and one of the coolest, for sure, is to use neon in the decoration.

In order for you to discover more about this trend, know its origin and know how to use it, we have selected some interesting information on the topic. Check out:

The origin of neon light

Neon gas was discovered in 1898, when English chemists Morris Travers and William Ramsey decided to refrigerate an air sample until it reached a liquid state, and shortly thereafter, they boiled that sample, obtaining three types of gas: xenon, the krypton and the famous neon.

But the great inventor of the neon lamp was Georges Claude, who supplied the oxygen used in the English chemists’ experiment. As he had a company that sold liquefied air, he started to stock the neon gas that was a by-product of his business.

Later, in 1910, Georges Claude discovered that when the neon gas was intubated and an electric current passed through it, a bright red light came on. Thus neon light was born!

Over the years, the tubes have been adapted to various shapes, making it possible to create neon lamps in letter and drawing formats. They gained enormous prominence worldwide after they began to be used in the advertising sector of New York from 1923.

And so, in the 1980s, neon light became a major trend in fashion and decoration, associated with technological advancement, new electronics that hit the market and video games categorized as futuristic. Neon was synonymous with modernity!

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Neon in decoration

Nowadays, neon is a great vintage trend of decoration, not only for commercial establishments, but also for houses and apartments. Neon lamps add color, life and fun to environments. It is possible to find lights of different colors, as well as in the most diverse formats, from phrases to silhouettes of animals that can print plates or serve as lamps.Next, check out our tips to find the ideal neon for your home. You can have more info available for the choice of the neon lights now.

Which rooms in the house can be decorated with neon?

Any room in the house can receive the neon light touch. Rooms, living rooms, offices, washrooms, kitchen, leisure area and circulation environments are very stylish when decorated with neon.

The only observation that should be made is that neon light is not a good source of lighting. Therefore, it should not be used as the main lighting of the environment, but should always be secondary. Thus, environments intended for reading and meals should not rely exclusively on neon light.

Which format to use?

To choose the ideal shape of your neon lamp, take into account your personality and style of the environment. For example, couples’ rooms match images and romantic phrases, while children’s rooms look beautiful with cute drawings of animals, characters or children’s objects.