In order to reinforce good behavior among employees it is very necessary to offer reward and incentives to them. This will improve the performance of employees. Employees are the back bone of any organization so it important for a company to pay good attention towards them. It is the responsibility of company to full fill their needs as their first priority. The main goal of every organization is to increase the revenue and productivity of their company. Employees can help you to achieve your goals. In order to captivate market share it is important to motivate your employees so through giving them bonus, rewards, and incentives. Rewards can be offered in any form which involve monetary, promotions, bonuses. Moreover, to appreciate the performance of employees they are also offered rewards in terms of Acrylic shield award [โล่อะคริลิค, which is the term in Thai].

What is the purpose of reward system?

Many organizations now days prefer to reward system. This help them to keep their employees engaged and motivate how to track employees working from home during their work. An effective reward system helps an organization to compete in the market. Reward systems are usually introduced inside a workplace to increase the efficiency of employees. This not only helps the organization in terms of their sales and revenue but is also increase the performance of employees as well. It is usually noticed that reward system reduces absenteeism rate in organizations. Furthermore, the employee turnover rate also decreases which gives long lasting benefit to the organizations. Rewards also increases employee engagement as well. It is often noted among workplaces that employees have low Morales at work which tends to affect their performance as well. This is why reward system is introduced to encourage positive environment at workplaces.

How to develop reward strategy for employees?

The reward strategy includes three phases which involves preparation and planning, development and design, implementation and communication. These phases can help you to draw an effective reward system which helps organizations to achieve their goals and aims.

To ensure you’re rewarding the right employees, consider using a staff tracking software to help you keep track on which of your employees are productive the most.

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