The pipe repair most people picture in their minds can be quite messy. The inefficiency and disturbance this traditional method brings have paved the way for the emergence of alternatives — including the so-called Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining (CIPP) technique.

CIPP Texas Location, Houston, Texas is popular for many reasons. It’s cost-effective, durable, and it causes zero to minimal damage to the surface and surrounding areas of the broken/affected pipe.

Why Addressing Damaged Pipes Immediately Is Necessary

When you have a damaged pipe, you put your home or business premises at risk. Not only will your property suffer from sewer flooding or leakage, foul odor might also find a way inside it. There also cases when wastewater may egress and not drain properly.

If a damaged pipe is not addressed immediately, the ultimate consequence is its premature wearing, which may lead to costly repair (or worse, replacement).

With CIPP Texas Location, Houston, Texas, you can repair a wide array of broken pipes in a faster and more efficient manner. Typically, it takes around three to six hours to repair a residential line using this method, and less than a day for commercial ones. This time period is significantly shorter compared to traditional methods.

What To Happens During CIPP Repair

CIPP repair is a relatively more efficient way of fixing old pipes. It involves the following procedures:

Video camera inspection. With the aid of a video camera, the pipe repair expert will inspect the pipe to get a better picture of the location and the extent of the damage. This will help him/her recommend an appropriate course of action.

CIPP liner inspection. The liner will then be inserted into the pipe from a nearby access point like a manhole (to prevent any digging). It will then be inflated so that the liner will be pushed against the walls of the old pipe.

Adhesion and drying time. To ensure the longevity of the new pipe and adhesive material used, the technician will allocate a certain drying time — which can take about half a day, but can be sped up with the use of steam or LED lights. After this, services will be restored back to the pipe.

Output inspection. A video camera will once again be used to inspect if the new pipe has been installed properly and the damages of the old pipe have been addressed successfully.

Important Reminders

When you’ve hired an expert in CIPP Texas Location, Houston Texas to fix your damaged pipe, take note that you may be asked to limit water use a day before the repair proper takes place. When the liner is inserted and inflated into your damaged pipe, it will prevent any water from your home to flow into the main sewer line. Hence, you will be asked to not take showers or baths or wash dishes and clothes in your home prior to and during the CIPP repair. Only small-scale use of water can be allowed, like flushing the toilet and washing your hands.

You can also expect to smell unpleasant odors while your old pipe is being repaired, especially when the heat is used to harden your CIPP liner. Though you may smell something akin to plastic or glue, this odor does not pose a health risk. This typically goes away once the repair process is done.

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