What is the difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring, which design is more desirable? The wedding ring is worn after the wedding and you have to wear it constantly. Traditionally, wedding rings have a smooth, flat surface and are not inserted with precious stones. Decorative patterns on such a ring should be absent. The smooth, smooth surface of the product symbolizes a peaceful and peaceful married life. Today’s newlyweds sometimes disrespect tradition. Prospective spouses are happy to buy wedding Moissanite Rings with engraving and various design solutions. Modern rings can be decorated with stones. However, there is a law according to which a pair of rings will look harmonious: the decorations of the couple’s wedding must be made in the same style.

What is the difference between engagement and wedding rings other than the time of wearing and the exterior design of the product? At least by the fact that the engagement can be worn or paired (bride and groom), or the bride only wears a ring. But the wedding should be worn by both spouses, thus showing the others that they are one.

How Not To Estimate the Size?

Once he has finally understood the difference between brides and wedding rings, one can begin to act. Most likely, the man or guy who will make his proposal wants to give an engagement ring in the form of a pleasant romantic surprise. How can I find out the size of my loved one’s ring?

The first method: quietly take the girl’s favorite ring and go with him to the jewelry store. The size of this ring will help you choose the right product. Remember the disadvantages of such procedures. Not every girl will be able to correctly interpret such behavior; it’s a lot of awkward moments for both of them.

The second method: wrap the sleeping girl’s finger with string, and then rush to the store with this thread. However, counselors can tell you that this “measurement” is not accurate. There are anatomical features of the finger joints and many other nuances.

Use an Easier Way to Find Out the Size

A few months before the intended purchase, ask your loved one directly about it, write down the size of the ring and wait for the time. Of course, at first the young lady will think and wait when you give her a ring-shaped gift because you haven’t revealed the size? But after three or four weeks, she will completely forget what she told you and stop expecting a gift. In the meantime, you will choose a ring and offer her an offer.

Ask a question about the size of your sweetheart’s ring girl, she will surely be able to quietly reveal this secret and pass on the secret information to you.

Turn the ring of your loved one and try to put yourself on the little finger, do not forget the place to which the ring is assigned. And you better mark it unnoticed. Now you know the size, the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding, what is the difference between them? The next step is to go to the store and ask them to take action from this part of the finger to start picking the ring.

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Selection Tips

For a successful choice you need to know your sweetheart well. The small ring should fit into her lifestyle and emphasize the individual qualities of the bride. Modern goldsmiths offer models of vintage, avant-garde and modern styles. For a romantic nature, a ring decorated with a ruby ​​in the shape of a heart or a flower is suitable. A lover of ethnic motifs in music and life will gladly call a similar direction. It is important to remember that thin fingers are more suitable for a thin ring, and if the bride has more curves, then the ring should be massive.

Modern new rings can be purchased with a discount of up to 40%, and during the global sales period the discount reaches 70%. It’s time to catch your luck and get ready for the ring, even if you’re not ready to propose yet. You may mature in a few months. Be prepared in advance, this is very useful in family life.

Jewelry sales

Both showrooms of factories that sell rings without intermediaries and modern jewelry stores systematically organize global sales with good discounts. But there is a nuance: if your soul mate closely follows trends in this direction, you risk buying a ring from the sale, while she dreams of an item from the collection presented a few weeks ago. The choice is yours, but you think you will live with this person for many happy years next to you. There is a chance that in 20 years this ring will be inherited by a daughter or daughter-in-law.

Do It Yourself

We are talking about an order to create an exclusive project in a jewelry studio or from a private designer. This is a guaranteed piece of product, in the creation of which you will literally participate. Together with the master, choose stones, their cut, weight, combination of white or yellow metal, engraving, marquetry and any other shades within your budget, of course.

By the way, if you have long dreamed of gaining new knowledge, experience and skills, why not make your own 3D jewelry modeling? Try to master the Rhinoceros and T-Splines programs, and if your soul mate doesn’t get tired of waiting unlikely! When you create the design of your dream, in a few years you’ll have an engagement with an exclusive ring, a new profession and, most likely, still a new lover. The former, unfortunately, did not welcome your triumph.

My favorite color, my favorite size

We almost decided on the design of the ring, but there is another problem on the horizon: the size of the jewelry is not so easy to find out. But if you try compete (temporarily borrow) one of your couple’s rings. Awaken the pirate inside you and steal the jewelry that is most often worn on the ring finger. Do it. Remember to put it back in its place. And if half notice the loss, just throw the ring where it will definitely be found. Everything will be attributed to absence.