The business of selling custom t-shirts was a boom some time ago, however, it is something that never goes out of style, since it is easy to renew every day as long as you take into consideration everything that is trending in the world, series, movies, videogames and now the famous memes; and, above all, feed your creativity.

How to Sell Shirts on the Internet without Investment

This may sound strange, but the truth is that it is a very viable online business that anyone can start. It doesn’t take long to start earning money. In general, the process is simple.

Why as affiliate? Because you don’t have to invest in anything. You simply need your creativity. If you are a designer, there are different platforms that you can partner on to sell your services.

For example, Travis Scott merchandise, this company operates mainly on the Internet and allows its members to sell their artwork as a decoration in a variety of products. Products include prints, T-shirts, sweatshirts, pillows, duvets, leggings, stickers, skirts and scarves. The company offers free subscription to artists who hold the copyright to their work, set their own prices and decide which products their images can display.

Travis Scott Merchandise is the best platform to create your online t-shirt business, although you should know what you are doing. The site is very intuitive and allows you to earn money even if you are not a designer.

How does it Work?

  1. You design a T-shirt. (Thousands of graphics available for free or make your own)
  2. Establish how much you want to earn and start a campaign.
  3. When you sell at least 5 t-shirts, the t-shirts are printed and shipped by Travis Scott merchandise. Otherwise they are not printed and not shipped.
  4. You are paid via PayPal or ACH, Payoneer, bank transfer or check.

Tips for Selling T-Shirts

If you already have the general idea of ​​how your new custom t-shirt store is going to work with Kanye West Store Merchandise, it is time to talk about the tips for effective sales.

  1. Design: This is the answer to “how to sell t-shirts”, design t-shirts over and over again, have multiple designs that you can offer for different tastes, ages, and preferences in general. He is always up to date with what is happening in the world and designs based on that. Have a wide portfolio and you can even offer to modify your own designs so that the client gets exactly what they are looking for. Never lose a sale for lack of creativity.
  2. Versatility: Do not be so exclusive, if it is true that our personal tastes always mark us and rule us in terms of the material we offer as designers, but it never hurts to think outside the pot. Yes, your original idea was t-shirts, but maybe you should consider offering sweaters, hats, scarves, and much more. Whether they are printed with your designs or not, they are an opportunity to complement your sales and retain your customers. You can also think of a line of t-shirts for men and women. This makes for versatility and many more possibilities.
  3. New sales channels: A widely used channel in Latin America is Mercado Libre and in Europe it is eBay. This type of Internet channel will help you to market despite having to give a commission. Although it is always best to have your own online store, be it a dedicated website or a store on Instagram or Facebook.
  4. Social Networks: In case you have your own website as a totally dedicated store, don’t leave out social networks. Create your Fan page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in addition to offering your t-shirts, you are also generating articles, news and topics related to the market you are marketing and offering offers, promotions and discounts for following you on your networks.
  5. Quality above all: Whether you are only marketing your T-shirts, scarves, sweaters and other items, or you print your own designs and your own brand; I always recommend you seek to offer the best quality you can and always keep that quality in you. A satisfied customer always brings more customers. And quality doesn’t just refer to your product or service; It also refers to the advertising you handle, the photographs and the articles you offer to your customers.