Not everyone can do without a hair dryer in Midtown New York City, but for high-quality styling without harm you need to know some nuances. Firstly, you can not blow dry immediately after a shower. Again, let the hair dry. Secondly, you need to learn how to direct the air flow at an angle, according to hair growth. This way you can avoid damage.

It is also important not to abuse the hot air. Styling is preferably done in a warm stream. But if there is a need to use hot air, then to fix the result, you can cool your hair. So your styling will last much longer, and your hair will not suffer from high temperatures.

Too frequent use of masks also harms your hair even more than its absence. Many people, trying to reduce hair loss and restore growth, apply masks 3 times a week for a long time. This leads to clogging of the scalp pores, and the nutritional components only make the hair heavier, naughty and unkempt.

Masks should be selected according to the type of hair and done no more than once every 2 weeks, in the case that the hair is washed every day. If there are problems with hair loss, then perhaps you should pay attention to your health condition and consult a doctor (endocrinologist, trichologist) or take a course of special hair vitamins.

For effective care, you must also take into account such points:

– in the cold season, hats must be worn, as temperature changes have a bad effect on the condition of the hair;

– It is advisable to choose combs of natural materials and monitor their cleanliness.

The fashion for haircuts, hair dyeing and hair care is changing, but health and grooming always remain relevant. So choose the funds correctly, based on what exactly your curls need.

Love your hair, take care of it correctly and, of course, be happy.

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