Many users are struggling with what kind of laptop to buy. Buy MagicBook 15 is a choice many users will make at this price. Let’s look at why this computer is attractive to users.

HONOR MagicBook 15 has a 3.5 mm earphone microphone 2-in-1 interface and a USB 2.0 interface on the right side. As a 15-inch large-screen computer, its weight is 1.53 kg. Its thinnest part is 16.9 mm. For daily commuting and business travel, they have excellent performance.

If you want to improve performance in a light and thin body, you need an advanced CPU. The common 14nm process technology is difficult to meet the coordination of lightness and high performance of computers. Until AMD introduced the Ryzen 4000 series mobile processor and upgraded to a 7nm process, the performance completed a transformation. This is under the same power consumption conditions. This computer uses AMD Ryzen 5 4500U mobile processor. It has an advanced 7nm process.

For young users, they prefer products of simplicity and fashion. HONOR MagicBook 15 has excellent frosted metal texture in the design of side A. HONOR’s English LOGO has a blue design. This adds a little vitality. There is the process of drilling and cutting blue edges in the border. This has unique identification. This adds a sense of hierarchy to the machine. It can better decorate the light and thin fuselage. HONOR MagicBook 15 can bring us a feast for the eye. It has three 5.3 mm micro-borders.  It achieves a screen ratio of up to 87%.

The C side of this computer is simple. The full-size keyboard has a short stroke and quick rebound. Long-term typing can bring comfortable typing feel. It adopts the design of fingerprint identification and power key. It can complete fingerprint identification login during startup. The unlocking process is in place in one step. The experience is excellent. The C side is kept clean and tidy.

Excellent screen display effect and smooth sliding touch pad are enough to meet our office needs. It has high-performance processors, large memory and high-speed solid-state. This is smooth enough in office software.

HONOR MagicBook 15 continues the multi-screen collaboration function of HONOR products. It can open a new working scene. It has NFC connection stickers. NFC-enabled HUAWEI or HONOR phones can connect when they are close to each other. It is easy to transfer files.

The 65W fast-charging charger is small and portable. It can charge about 53% of the computer’s electricity in 30 minutes. It can charge smart phones quickly. When going out for office or travel, it is enough to bring a charger.

Among the models of the same level, buying MagicBook 15 is a good choice for office users or other users.