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KanuluKanuluDochayante, one of the recent Telugu movies with the most interesting romantic suspense story. If you are looking for entertainment as well as excitement, twist in the story, this the perfect pick for you. You can notice different characters in the movie. You can experience the spine-chilling twist while watching it. DesinghPeriyasamy portrayed suspense, thrill, and romance at proper movements.


Actor DulqeerSalmaan is named Siddharth, who plays a lead role in the movie. Coming to the movie, Siddharth and his friend KaliswaranMoorthy(Rakshan) live in Chennai they don’t have parents, seek to enjoy themselves with girls in clubs, and they know in and out of technology loopholes in it to steal in the most inventive way, introduce themselves as freelancers. 

The story has a turn when the two girls enter into their lives and take a complete turn.Siddharth falls in love with a beautician named Meera (Ritu), and she accepts him. And his friend Moorthy loves Meera friend Shreya who is a chef. 

Meera and Sherya, with their masterminds, trap the persons, take money from him and enjoy their life. How did they trap? How do Siddarth and Moorthy survive? To know more about the movie, watch it on Aha OTT. 


Genre: Romance 

Duration: 161mins

Language: Telugu

Format: (streaming online video)

Where to Watch online:aha videos

Production values: Good

Background music: Simple and enjoyable

Cinematography: Good.

Highlights – Reasons to Watch KanuluKanuluDochayante Movie

  1. The movie shows a clear picture of the present generation of people the way people are living.
  2. Making scams to live and enjoy the life of the youngsters can be observed in the movie. And after making scams, they are shifting to other places.
  3. With the developed technology how technology can be used to hack the devices, and other things can be noticed when watching this film.
  4. Best acting, you will be seen, girls act smartly according to the situation demands and also change their names as they change the place.
  5. How money is important to live the life of every person can be watched during the movie.

Cast and crew – KanuluKanuluDochayante

Director– DesinghPeriyasamy

Producer– Anto Joseph

Actor– Dulquer Salmaan

Actress– Ritu Varma

Other characters– Rakshan, Gautham Menon, Gajaraj

Music director-Harshavardhan, Rameshwar

Release date– 28th February 2020

KanuluKanuluDochayante Review

KanuluKanuluDochayante one of the recent Telugu movies and making the viewers stick to their seat, urging to unleash the consequent suspense for every scene. Dulquar nailed it entirely with his charming and cool attitude.

Rakshan’s friend of Dulquar in the movie cracked timely comedy, and it worked out in most of the scenes pretty well. Both of them played brilliantly, as Co-actress RituVarma and Niranjani also did their role very well.

GauthamVasudev Menon, as a cop, steals the show with mass performance and dialogue as well as. The climax is a major highlight and asset to this movie.

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Suspense, thrilling based twists, DesinghPeriyasamy direction, and artists’ performance are making to watch this Telugu cinema. 

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