Life without the internet is hard to imagine. However, it has not been that long ago, for example, that you could only trade in cars at a dealer or, if they were broken, sell them to a scrapyard. Another option was to place a ‘for sale’ sign under the windshield and then wait for a buyer.

Those times have changed. Nowadays, numerous car buyers are active online. A very interesting option is now to sell a damaged car for export. Specialized companies buy your defective car and export it abroad in that state. There they are cheaply repaired and sold.

These are the advantages of selling a broken car for export via the internet compared to selling to a dealer or looking for a buyer yourself.

You have many options here there is usually only one dealer of your car brand in your district or village, you can easily find dozens of car buyers on the internet. Not all of them specialize in the purchase of damaged cars, but there is still enough competition. This ensures that you have a choice between various reliable and inexpensive buyers.

Good Price

This competition also means a favorable price for you. You can choose, so buyers with high prices will try to persuade you to sell your car to them. Moreover, the purchase of damaged cars to export them is also just a good business model for buyers. They receive a high price for your defective car abroad, and you benefit from that.

You Save Time

Good online car buyers not only buy your car, but they also provide all service. This means that you do not have to search for a buyer abroad, that the sales agreement is arranged and that you do not have to go after proof of indemnity. Sorting out all the paperwork and arranging this with unwieldy bureaucratic authorities often takes a lot of time and effort. This will save you all when you choose to sell your car through an online buyer.

It Is Very Simple

Online car buyers have specialist knowledge that you often do not have at your disposal. All you have to do is fill out the purchase form with details about your car, and the buyer does the rest. The appraisal and the pick-up (which are completely free at, for example) are also arranged. So that is very easy!

Your Car Gets A New Life

Enough is already being thrown away in this world, so why take your car to scrap when it can last for years after a repair? After the repair in, for example, pledge the car on a car pledge(รับจำนำรถจอด which is a term in Thai) your car gets a new life. This is not only a nice idea but also much better for the environment than the manufacture of a whole new car.