There is a theory in marketing called the AIDA scheme of advertising. AIDA stands for attracting, interest, desire and action formula. If you have a service to offer or a commodity to sell you will need to implement AIDA in your marketing strategies. Like if you have your own business website but it is lacking traffic online then you need to do some modifications as per AIDA formula. First, you will need to make the website attractive then only a customer will get interested in your business. Once he shows interest you then will need to create a desire in the minds of the customers. Then only the customer will take action to buy it avail your services. But all these start from attracting more consumers to your business website.

How search engines give your website a ranking?

You may have noticed the fact that searching a certain keyword on a search engine always gives out the same results. And it may seem like there is some kind of ranking on the results of a given keyword. Well, these assumptions are somewhat true because there is a particular algorithm that provides the websites with a ranking. And according to this ranking, the websites then show up on searching about the keyword. Thus if your website comes at the bottom of a search result this simply means that the traffic is very less on your website. And to help businesses with this kind of problem SEO companies have come forward. Seo simply stands for search engine optimization. It simply means that your website and content is optimized in such a fashion that your contents come as top rests if searched about related keywords to your services. Seo writing and designing is very much different from your regular marketing thus you must take up the help from SEO agencies

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