No one is immune from getting injured, even if they live a very cautious life. It’s just a part of life we need to accept. For most injuries, such as a stubbed toe or bumping your head on a shelf, there’s no need to get a doctor or a lawyer involved. On the other hand, when you have more serious injuries, there may be times when a personal injury attorney just makes sense. 

It doesn’t make sense to call in a professional when there’s no need for it. At the same time, underestimating a situation can prove to be a costly mistake. It’s a fine line to walk. So, when should you call a personal injury lawyer? These signs below suggest it’s time to make a phone call. 

  • You have been severely injured and are going to miss work as a result. Generally speaking, any serious injury that has arisen from an accident or negligence should warrant a call to a personal injury attorney. There is a decent chance that the medical bills you’ve incurred (along with other expenses) could be compensated by the at-fault party. 
  • There was a vehicular accident that you were involved in, and someone got injured. No matter how small the injury is, having a lawyer on call can help you get the compensation you deserve and/or defend yourself should the injured party decide to sue you. 
  • Someone is holding you liable for an injury in court. If you are on the defense side of a personal injury lawsuit, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Going to court and trying to defend yourself without knowledge of the law or experience in evidence compiling is a great way to lose your case.
  • Your insurer isn’t paying all the medical bills from a claim that you have. If your insurer is supposed to cover bills regarding a claim and isn’t doing their part, having an attorney on hand can help you.
  • You had a serious injury at work and are unsure of who to call. Workers Compensation might be a solution in most cases, but there are some moments when it’s not. The best way to determine who is liable for your compensation is to call up an attorney. 
  • Somebody caused you or a loved one serious bodily harm intentionally. Though this is almost always a criminal matter, victims of assault and other premeditated harm can also pursue the perpetrators for damages related to medical bills. 
  • Someone you were very close to died under medical negligence or medical malice. This is a moment where you should ask, “Where can I find a good personal injury lawyer near me?” Suing those who were responsible for your loss can help prevent it from happening to someone else.
  • You had a serious slip and fall, and want to know what you should do. Though people tend to deride slip and fall lawsuits, the truth is that they can be seriously devastating. If you believe that it’s not your fault, calling a lawyer is a wise choice.
  • A product you relied on caused more hurt than harm. Many people don’t realize that certain parts of consumer law extend into the realm of personal injury. If a product that was poorly designed or malfunctioned in a way that caused injury to you, there’s a good chance you have legal grounds to sue. 
  • You have been offered a settlement and you want to make sure that it’s a decent amount. If you have been given a settlement offer by insurers, it’s always a smart idea to run it by a lawyer before you agree to it. 

Choose The Right Lawyer

Personal injury lawsuits are not easy cases to win, especially if you are trying to go it alone. Hiring a lawyer with experience, integrity, and knowledge is the best way to ensure that your time in court is as easy as possible. So do your research and make some calls. The right lawyer for you is only a step away!