Being a product currently used in different environments, the parking stop is made to support the end-user and develop security for both the end-user end-user and the requesting segment, being a differentiated piece and focused on preventing damage.

With wide trade, the parking stop is easily found in specific stores. However, several manufacturers offer the product with the possibility of adaptations.

General Features And Stop Uses For Parking

In general, the parking stop is responsible for protecting parts of the vehicle when maneuvering within the parking lot, so it is installed in strategic locations, such as columns or walls, partially or totalitarian.

With this comprehensive use, the parking stops can be molded directly on the installation surface, allowing greater harmony in the environment and developing practicality for the consumer. In addition, its thickness is, in general, established at 10 mm, which guarantees protection of the vehicle and stability of the structure in case of direct shock.

In addition to this general safety, the parking stop is strategically designed to provide contact with more fragile parts of the vehicle, such as the mirror, side of the car or bumper; in addition, its colors are combined focusing on visibility by the driver, who develops his attention and facilitates visibility at the time of maneuver.

With this prevention, the parking stop takes place in the market and prominence for the places adhering to the use, being a differential and element of security.

In conjunction with the advantages offered, another attraction of the parking stop is its affordability, which may vary according to the place of purchase or the need to model the product according to specificities, however, balancing it with the type of consumer and place of installation.

Using both in specific segments and for punctuality, the rubber dock stop is developed, focusing on support and practicality offered to the consumer, ensuring greater safety in services and results with great quality.

Structured to balance quality with practicality and affordable prices, the rubber dock stop can be found in usual stores or directly with the supplier, developing parts according to the need and appropriate measures.