When at sbobet88, you will need to start with the basics to learn about football betting. The following are the main football markets which you can bet on. Once you know the markets, you will be able to choose the one that is ideal for you.

March results

Also referred to as Moneyline, 1X2, and win-draw-win, the match result is a market that is self-explanatory. You have a choice of picking which team will win the match at the end of 90 minutes, including stoppage time, with an option of there being a draw. So you will have three options in total; team A to win, team B to win, or the teams to draw.

Win-draw-win tends to be the most common bet on the football market as a whole. It is because having to pick which team will win might needless thought compared to other betting markets.  

It is possible to make a snap decision on whom you think is going to win a match. The quick decisions normally go down to the team’s form in the last season and your personal biases, or how the team performed in the last few matches. 

Double chance

You can also bet on a double chance at sbobet88. It has lower odds as compared to the match results market. It allows you to cover two of the known three results in a match.  It denotes that you can back the away team or a draw, home team, or a draw or either of the teams to win.

Because you are likely going to win on this particular market because it is likely the outcome that you predict will come to pass, the odds are normally low with a larger bookmark margin being factored in, denoting, in the long run, you are going to lose.

You will need to find some smart picks to make a profit in the double chance betting market. You don’t necessarily have to avoid it but what it means is that getting the real value is tough. The reason behind the low odds is because the overround of the bookmaker is higher. 

Over/under 2.5 goals

In this particular market, you will be betting on whether the match will have over 2.5 goals, that is, three goals and above for you to win the bet. Or whether it will end in an under 2.5 goals, that is, less than three goals – 0,1,2 goals will make you win such a bet.

Depending on the teams playing, odds in the 2.5 goals market will be as low as 1.2 up to a maximum of about 2.5. The extreme odds will be in matches for teams known to be high scoring, such as Real Madrid or Barcelona, playing with a weak defense.  Or when you have two low scoring teams defensive that is playing each other. 

In most instances, the odds in the market for over 2.5 will be about 1.8. It is a market where you can easily find the value.