Since guesswork is the fulcrum of matka, you can always chip into the guessing forum of a dedicated site conducting the betting and post your guess. Make sure you have a username and password. There are three sections for emojis, special offers and search users. There are different codes for you to use and at least 5-6 output emoji displays to bolster your betting.

For draws like Milan Day, Kalyan or Rajdhani Day open, you have different segments for quotes, top, down and starting point. The number standing can feature on top. For example, Kalyan can show 445_47_469 with a succession of 4s. The stats can be 150_90_500 later on. During interval, your numbers can be 44_40_97_98. The result by the end of the day can be 234_689_389_390.

Some sessions may take a little more time to load or store. You will see the indications in the site itself. Another startling aspect of satta matka is the magic tricks domain or forum. Although not all sites provide it, it still remains a very popular segment amongst scores of gamblers. To post your guess, you need to type your name and a message. Enter your security code and submit.

Your weekly matka chart

You can play your satta in any league or under any name. They will fix a time and duration to run the lottery. A sneak peek into the weekly line will show weekly penal chart or weekly patti, say 29/9/2020-5/10/2020 for Matka Market, Main Ratan, Rajdhani Time, and Kalyan night and Kalyan Milan.

The numbers are indeed flummoxing. They read 1=>290-140-260-680. The same pattern follows for 2,3,4 till 9 and then it returns to 0. You can check the denominations shifting and changing in each session.