Nestled in the Hida region of Gifu Prefecture, Takayama is a picture-perfect city of Japan. It is one of the few cities that still bear the traditional touch of Japan. The old town has a good quality of preservation, and you can add this to your japan takayama tours itinerary. You can get the rural feel of real Japan. The city is the source of high-quality timber, and you will get the best-skilled carpenters who are working generation wise from the feudal ages. It will be a great idea to visit the place during the Takayama Festival, which goes on during the spring and autumn. Many tourists flock together during the festival.

Hida folk Village

As you will visit the pace to get an essence of rural Japan, you just visit the Hida Folk village or Hida no Sato. It is an open-air museum where there is a display of more than 30 traditional Hida houses. These houses had construction during the Edo period between 1603 to 1867. The museum displays the buildings of the former village head and logging huts of that period. There are storehouses and farmhouses that have thatch rooms in the shape of a joined pair of hands that portray prayer.

Matsuri no Mori

The festival forest or Matsuri no Moti is just outside the city center of Takayama. The Takayama festival happens here. There is an almost 50-meter long hallway starting from the entrance of the museum that leads to the main exhibition space. The space is underground, imparting a cave-like appearance. You can witness the display of the huge taiko drums, which are the biggest drums in the entire world. You will get the pass for watching the performance of playing these percussions. And for enjoying the show, you don’t need to understand the Japanese language.