When people first start grinding their own weed, there is frequently a learning curve and a bit of ingenuity involved, whether it’s with a credit card on a table, between two butter knives, or mashed between your fingers. Unfortunately, some people don’t grow past this phase, and their cannabis experience lacks as a result. Using these terrible methods of grinding results in a huge loss of oils, product, potency, and flavour. 

Typically, when someone is looking to buy their first grinder, they buy a simple manual one. These consist of two (or more) plates with pillar-shaped blades. When turned with two hands, the plates grind the cannabis in a relatively effective way (especially when compared to the shockingly terrible practises of destroying it with a book or a butter knife). Unfortunately, manual grinders nearly always provide an inconsistent grind due to several factors: too much or too little bud, the number or speed of the rotations, and user error/infamiliarity with what they are doing. Frequently, trying to pour your ground product results in spillage (and wastage). While a manual grinder can get the job done, it leaves much to be desired from anyone looking for a high-quality experience. When using a manual grinder, you must use two hands, which is often difficult for those with dexterity challenges or limited mobility – and those medicinal users are often turning to cannabis as an effective pain reliever. What an unfortunate conundrum. 

Electric grinders are typically handheld units, but table-top ones exist on the market as well. Electric grinders are perfect options for any user with mobility/decterity issues, or someone who just wants to elevate their experience. Some (poorer quality) electric cannabis grinders leave much to be desired as well. The battery life can be inconsistent, and the spillage problem still exists. Many electric grinders, despite a hefty price tag, will jam from too much bud, insufficient bud, or seemingly no cause at all. With inconsistent power comes an inconsistent grind, leading to all the same issues as a manual grinder (but for more money). Notably, most electric grinders still require a two-handed operation when it comes time to disassemble the grinder in order to transfer the ground bud to the desired receptacle. Be sure to evaluate your electric grinder prior to purchase to make sure it is a quality product that wont leave you disappointed.

For example, The Mamba grinder addresses all of these manual and electric grinder issues with high quality parts, attention to detail, and superior design. Mamba’s battery powered herb grinder eliminates the spill issue that other grinders haven’t been able to rectify. The cone shape easily delivers your ground herb exactly where it needs to go – with no spillage or waste. The Mamba parts are high quality, aircraft grade aluminum, and the battery/motor power doesn’t fluctuate with usage, which delivers you a fluffy, consistent grind every time. The key to getting the most potency, aroma, and flavour out of your bud is an effective grind. If you are still using an outdated method of grinding, check out the complete history of marijuana grinders to learn more and make a decision that works best for you and your use. 

The Mamba electric grinder has effectively eliminated the downsides of existing grinders (both manual and other electric/battery units), and surpassed the exceptionally more expensive competition in performance. The one-handed operation, with its easy to operate features, additionally removes the accessibility barrier for herb enthusiasts with concerns about pain or dexterity limitations. All cannabis users should be re-evaluating their grinder needs regularly to get the most out of their cannabis product and accessories. A simple change of grinder – whether switching to electric or changing the manufacturer – can make a huge difference in unlocking the true potential of your weed.