Millions of PC, Smart-phones, and other electronic devices are connected, thanks to a technology developed by the US military. The Internet technology that we are using in our day to day life was just a way that was used by US ground soldiers to communicate with each other and pass important information between different military battalions. As time passed by it has become the most important thing to make our life faster and convenient. The speed at which we can do stuff depends on network speed mostly. 

A faster network speed ensures a user to have uninterrupted heavy network traffic. This traffic is usually streaming videos and games. They all need a massive network for a smooth experience. Every user gets an internet connection by browsing through a list of plans provided by an ISP. This list consists of speed, data limit, and price. Now, how can you measure ISP claimed speeds against the price which we are paying? It’s simple, use a tool that serves the purpose. There are many tools out there online as well as offline. 

If you are a windows user feel free to open task manager to see your current network traffic speed by pressing ctrl+shift+esc together. However, it does not tell you the whole story behind the network you are usingZuku speed test is one of the online tools which checks for your upload-download speed. It also checks for jitter and ping. Jitter value shows how distorted network packets are. 

The Ping Servers Two Purposes

  • Checks wheater the host is present or not. (Host the device through which internet is flowing throug.)
  • It provides time taken by a packet to reach the host and back.

What is the best ping response time? 

  • < 30 ms – excellent ping; almost unnoticeable; ideal for online gaming.
  • 30 to 50 ms – average ping; still ok for online gaming
  • 50 to 100 ms – somewhat slow ping time; not too noticeable for web browsing but may affect gaming
  • 100 ms to 500 ms – slow ping; minimal effect on web browsing, but will create noticeable lag in online gaming
  • > 500 ms – pings of a half-second or more will add a remarkable delay to all requests; typically happens when the source and purpose are in different parts of the system