Located in the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States of America, Washington is the home to a wide array of landscapes and very beautiful national parks in every corner. The picturesque and scenic views of the lakes, mountains and other natural features attract millions of tourists from all parts of the USA. However, apart from the natural beauty that Washington has in abundance, the numerous cities of this state are worth a visit as well.

It’s lively cities are bustling with exciting nightlife, historic monuments, and relaxing atmosphere which can help you enjoy your vacation with your family and friends. Each of the cities have something or the other to offer to the tourists who visit Washington. So, here are the top cities to visit in this beautiful state.

  • Port Angeles – the city of Port Angeles is situated on the Olympic Peninsula and it is a lovely place for anyone who wants to relax for a few days by a beautiful waterfront view. The city was established back in 1862 and it relies majorly on timber production. Victoria or San Juan Islands are two of the very popular locations you can visit here.

The winters are very cold here while the summers are lively and people enjoy their time at the several beaches that are present around the city. The water bodies near Port Angeles gives the tourists a wonderful opportunity to take part in different adventure sports like kayaking, hiking, and windsurfing.

  • Tacoma – a pleasant and serene place to visit, Tacoma is home to numerous paper mills for which the city is very famous in this region. Tacoma can be your favorite place if you love visiting museums and art galleries. Tacoma has a rich history which you can learn from the several galleries and historic museums that represent the culture of the people of this region and city.

It is situated around the shore of the Commencement Bay where you can go for a drive and witness a beautiful scenery early in the morning. The downtown area of this city is home to several shopping centers, bars and pubs where you can spend the night.

  • Bellingham – a laid back city situated in the bay of Bellingham, tourists will have a fantastic time when they visit Bellingham. It has a great waterfront which is packed with boutique stores, small cafes, posh restaurants and pubs. Bellingham has a wonderful ambience that makes you want to stay here for more than a couple of days. It is a very happening place with very liberal people living in and around the city.

Fairhaven is a must visit place when you are in this city. Bellingham is closer to the city of Vancouver than it is to Seattle that is why it can be a great place to spend a few days if you are coming from Canada. The relaxing atmosphere will not disappoint you.

  • Bellevue – Bellevue is quite popular in the state of Washington and that too for genuine reasons. Tourists love visiting this small town situated in the east of Seattle because of its fantastic living conditions. Visit the Upmarket if you want to explore some great antique shops, boutiques, and other shops that sell magnificent souvenirs to take back home. The city is home to some crazy pubs and bars which promises you a memorable nightlife.

The city is also home to numerous parks which are scattered here and there. You can also visit the hiking trails if you want to explore the nearby mountains and natural reserves. One of them is the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. You can also choose to set up camp and spend the night here.

So these are the top cities that qualify for wonderful weekend getaways in Washington.