You would have noticed that many organizations have dress codes and have zero tolerance policy over it. Work suit plays an important role in your job. It not only gives you the feeling for professionalism but it also displays how discipline you are at work. A dress code will help you shape a good impression on you customers. They will feel more confident in working with you. Moreover, dress codes creates visual uniformity among employees. Due to similar work suit customers can easily identify you and can access you. Furthermore, it gives a message that you are team and shows unity among each other. Many people object on dress code policy and do not accept it as they feel uncomfortable. If you are working in banks or any organization they you might need to follow the rules of the company. Whereas, other workplaces do not ask you to wear anything formal.

What are different types of work suits?

Work suit reflects your personality. If you do not follow dress code at work places you will not get respected among your colleagues. To make a long lasting impression on your boss make sure you follow their instructions correctly. Work suits varies according to organizations. Some of them may ask you to wear a formal suit. On the other hand, other organization does not have such restrictions on you. It totally depend on your desire of what to wear and what to not. The formal business attire for a men usually includes a 2 piece suit. Moreover, you are also asked to wear tie, shoes, and cufflinks as well. A casual business attire usually include a shirt, or blazer with jeans over it.

How work suits are manufactured inside a factory?

Inside a worksuit production factory [โรงงานเสื้อช๊อป, which is the term in Thai] there are various things going on. To manufacture a work suit it usually takes 3 steps which include cutting, sewing, and finishing. Every suit has to go through all of these steps to satisfy the demands of customers.