Moving is a task that entails careful planning. It involves knowing the best time to move, packing belongings accordingly, and choosing the best pods in Manassas VA, among others. If you’re planning for a big move, one of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself is: When is the proper time to start planning and packing? This article offers a quick guide on this matter.

How Early is Early?

If you’ve been looking for guides on how to move hassle-free, you’ve probably read about the need to start early. But, really, how early is early?

According to experts, if you’ve got at least one year to spare before the move, you have to prepare as early as that. By preparing, we mean setting aside money and saving for your move. When you move, you won’t need to just pay for equipment and other transportation expenses. You also have to pay for the packing materials and have enough financial buffer as you start a new chapter of your life in a new neighborhood.

The General Timeline

Generally speaking, if you ask companies that offer moving pods in Manassas VA, the more detailed preparation for your big move should start eight weeks before the move.

Two Months Before. During this time, you should start cleaning your house, taking an inventory of your things, and identifying which ones will be purged and which ones will be moved to your new place.

Six Weeks Before. Six weeks before the big day, you should begin looking for and investigating moving companies. Whether you’re opting for full services or simply renting moving pods, you have to get quotes from at least three reputable movers. Apart from their pricing, you should take into account their credentials and the quality of their moving equipment. After choosing your supplier or moving team, you need to schedule and make a reservation next.

While at it, you also have to gather your supplies and start packing (because this task will take a significant amount of your time). When packing, you need to start with the non-essentials (e.g. Unused items in the storage rooms). You should pack stuff in the kitchen last. To make packing more efficient, experts advise packing by room. Don’t forget to label your boxes accordingly.

One Month Before. This is the time when you should notify involved parties about your move (e.g., landlord, postal, school, bank). Simultaneously, you also have to set up your utilities in your new home.

One Week Before. Seven days before the move, you should start packing kitchen belongings. You should also begin packing other essentials like the beddings and your wardrobe. Don’t forget to set aside a separate box for the stuff you’d be needing immediately (e.g., toiletries, chargers). Keep valuable documents in a separate envelope.

The Night Before. Because moving is an enervating task (whether you’re hiring a moving team or using pods in Manassas VA), you need to rest well a night before the big day. You should also defrost your fridge and clean it properly. Failing to do so may negatively impact the amount of security deposit you can take back.

Are you planning your big move soon? If you need pods in Manassas VA, contact us today at Mi-Box and let us know how we can be of service.