Learning what SEO definition is and using the techniques that work to appear in the first results of the main search engines, is the desire of everyone who works on the web and invests in digital marketing. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know, to put your site on top of the first page of Google results.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

This is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of techniques applied to pages and content for the web, aiming to improve the positioning in search engines like Google (main, since it holds more than 90% of the market). SEO involves many techniques, such as –

  • Page title,
  • Friendly URL,
  • Description (meta-description),
  • Number of keywords in the text,
  • Keywords in the headings h1, h2, h3, etc,
  • LSI keywords,
  • Back links (link building),
  • Responsive website,
  • Website loading speed,
  • Internal link and external link
  • And other techniques.

With these optimization techniques, you will have the chance to place your page in the top positions in the search results, when certain keywords are entered by users.

Why should I apply SEO to my website or blog?

One of the most recurring doubts in those who do not know why to apply SEO is the importance of this set of techniques. After all, you ask yourself: what is SEO for my site for? Why is it so important? The answer is simple. Basically, for you to have results on the internet, you need traffic. What’s the use of having a fast website, with a cool design if nobody accesses it? To get people to your website that serves this optimization. Why is applying this technique so important to your business? We have separated some reasons below why you need to invest in this strategy.

Increase the reach of your page

More than a ranking tool, it is also a way for you to increase the reach of your page. Once it becomes more attractive to robots that do positioning on search engines, it ends up reaching a larger number of people, and that’s exactly what everyone wants.

Create authority

To be able to stand out among so many competitors, it is necessary to show that your brand has some differential to offer. With this set of techniques, you can increase the authority of your web page and thus become a reference in your niche. When it starts to appear in the first research positions, it shows that it has more relevance.

Stand out from the competition

Applying website optimization techniques is also one of the ways you can stand out from the competition. A site that can reach the top positions of search engines, other than through paid links using Google Ads, has more prominence among competitors. Most of the time, organic search for a particular keyword has more hits than paid traffic itself (on average the click through rate for the organic result is 70% higher than paid traffic). It is worth remembering that depending on the niche it is very good to use Google Ads, however, as a complement to organic optimization and not replacing it only with paid traffic.

Then you wonder why? 

It’s simple. Once you stop paying for the ad, your website will also be gone from the first page. It sucks to depend only on it. Do not you think? When applying optimization techniques, you will have traffic without having to spend 1 cent. Exactly, the customers find you and enter your website without you spending anything for it.  To get all the benefits of SEO, it is always suggested to hire a professional SEO agency at affordable prices.