Many preschool centers are raising money to pay for some other extra expenses. Operating expenses are high and oftentimes, these preschool centers are struggling due to a limited budget. They turn in to preschool fundraisers instead of charging a higher tuition fee. Fortunately, parents, families and many members of the community are willing to extend help when asked. The key to influence potential donors is to let them know the reason why you are asking for their contributions. Let them know the goal of your fundraising – whether it is for the purchase of new books, supplies, paying for staff development seminars, or for the maintenance of some furniture.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit 

Collecting spare change is one of the easiest fundraisers for preschool. Containers can be any old boxes, plastic bottles or plastic jars. Have the kids participate in the decoration of the container. Let the children invite families and friends to put in their spare changes. See how the container gets filled in no time. Spare changes may just be pennies, but collectively, they can add up to a satisfying amount of money. Do this for every classroom and see how these spare changes help you reach your fundraiser goal.

A rummage sale is also a popular way to raise funds for preschool centers. It is also a way of helping the environment as people could reuse other people’s items that could only end up in a pile of trash. Again, families and other community members are invited to donate some of their gently used items sitting in their stockrooms collecting dust. You can also find a good deal on some local businesses by asking them for excess stocks -these may be old but unused items.

Getting crafty and creative can get you a long way in the fundraising department. Part of the preschool children’s daily activity is doing art. You can put these original artworks into good use. Scan these artworks and you can turn them into beautiful stationeries, holiday cards, calendars and other items that you can sell to the community.

Hosting an art gallery is another way of turning the preschool children’s artworks into a cash machine. Collect and choose the best artworks to display in the exhibit. Be creative by using frames. Frames may cost an upfront cost, but finding a good deal from a discount craft store will save you some money. You may also ask some donors for the frame. Invite families and friends and let them purchase their kid’s artwork.

Hosting a marathon is another great way of raising funds for the preschool center. Parents and children can participate in this fun-filled event. To raise money, ask children and families to collect pledges. Children can bring in their bikes, trikes or scooters too. They can put up a challenge as to how many laps they can finish – and donors will make their pledges. 

Dinner for a cause may require some work but it can be very helpful in bringing funds for your preschool center. This event is usually coordinated with local restaurants. Many restaurants owner would agree to this event as it is another way of getting more customers. They would gladly agree to donate a portion of the proceeds to your preschool fundraiser since they could get loyal customers in return.

Hosting a car wash day would be fun too. Ask the parents and some other older children to volunteer for this preschool fundraiser. Preschoolers may participate by decorating the signs for the event. Invite other community members to bring in their cars – a day of car washing could raise you a good sum of money.

Utilizing the power of the internet is another way of raising funds for the preschool center. Nowadays, online fundraising sites are helping a lot of people and organizations fund their cause. The good thing about these online fundraising sites is their global reach. Once you created a fundraiser, a page will be launched and see how fast donations come in. 

These fundraising sites also make good use of the power of social media. As we all know, social media can make your fundraiser viral in just a click of a button. Donors from around the world can view your fundraiser. By setting up social media accounts for your preschool center, you will be able to multiply the sharing power of the fundraiser. You share the link of your campaign from the fundraiser website to your social media accounts. Your social media account followers will share them – their followers will do the same and the link goes on. You will be amazed at how quick your preschool fundraising gets funded.