The world is moving towards tough times. With the onset of the pandemic the job market has suddenly crashed. This in turn has resulted in the high levels of competition that is now visible in most sectors. Apart from the pandemic the sudden bloom in the population and educational availability has made the situation direr than ever. This is the main reason why people across the globe are now looking for any means to make sure that they get edge over other applicants in a job application system which is highly competitive. Now there are many ways to get that edge but the most prominent ways is to make sure that you have good CV.

Why having a CV is good?

CV which stands for curriculum vitae is also known as biodata or resume. Basically CV is a document that has all your information in it. For example, a typical CV has three broad segments under which information can be categorized. The first is the category where you put down your educational qualification. In this part all the details of the examinations that you have passed previously and the institutions that you have attended are listed. The next category is the extracurricular activity. Under this particular segment the extracurricular skills are listed. And lastly there is a segment where your past work experiences are listed if any. Apart from these details a CV typically has your contact details and address mentioned as well. So in summery a CV basically represents yourself to a employer in case you are not present before them. This makes CVs very important document to have if you are to get into the job market. It is thus important to get a good curriculum vitae design (desain curriculum vitae , which is the term in Indonesian).

Hire professional CV designer in Indonesia

Now there are certain rules and formats that must be followed when designing the CV. These formats are very important because CV after all is a formal document submitted by the candidate. That is why there are many professional CV designers now available online to help the candidates. In Indonesia for example, the fastwork website has compiled the list of professional CV designers. So make sure you visit these websites to get in touch with these professional CV designers.