Over twenty years, legal protection for software has elevated quickly all over the world, we’ve got the technology and scope of enforcement of software protection is constantly on the rise in varies methods considerably.

The best software protection may be the hardware based software protection dongle, or we are able to call hardware key, dongle-based protection, software copy protection dongle, etc. This sort of protection may be the best, also it can maximum the program vendors’ revenue.

The benefits of USB software protection dongles.

~ Hardware-based protection using the USB dongle safeguards profits by stopping software piracy and license infringements.

~ Provides flexible variable licensing methods such, subscription, leasing, pay-per-use, by period, etc.

~ Just one USB dongle can safeguard several applications. A whole network could be protected with simply one hardware key.

~ Remote Update provides conveniences of distribution, updates and follow-from sales.

~ Every copy from the software programs are registered and prohibits the illegal usage.

~ USB security dongle offers two amounts of protection: envelope and also the API. The envelope provides the understanding engine plus several pre-canned defenses to defeat reverse engineering. API enables embedding calls towards the hardware type in code and performs custom checks to defeat reverse engineering attackers.

Differentiate dongles by port:

~ Serial port: It appears the serial port dongle is really a history for the time being.

~ Parallel port: using the growing USB port in all kinds of computers the parallel port dongles are disappearing in the marketing.

~ USB dongles: USB port dongles would be the absolutely mainstream and occupy all of the positions in each and every district.

Differentiate dongles by driver

~ The dongle with driver: customers need to install the motive force before insert the dongle, really most the dongle problem come from the motive force.

~ The driverless dongle: finish users don’t have to install the motive force, just insert the dongle towards the USB port, it really works perfectly. This protects lots of work of tech support team team.