Imagine the feeling of ecstasy when you find the set of keys or a lost wallet after searching for the whole day. You have to waste hours trying to find the specs or the mobile phone. The feeling of irritation reaches height when after searching for the entire day, you find that the specs were just on the sofa below the cushion. You cannot keep on doing this for long. You need a tracking device that can help you to find out the lost objects quickly. The xy find it is the right one at your aid. You don’t have to worry anymore about making duplicate keys repeatedly.

Find your phone

The mobile phone is perhaps one of the most used gadgets for every person. You carry it everywhere, including the washroom. What if you left it inside the washroom of a public toilet? Or what if you have left it in the kitchen and searching your library instead of finding the phone? Well, the solution to all your problems lies in the xy findit device. The best thing about this device is the flexibility of its use. You can attach it to your keys, the wallet, mobile phone, and even an expensive pen.


Life will be more comfortable with such a tracking device around. You won’t always have to be alert about where you are keeping your phone or the keys. A very useful feature of the app is that you can even get reminders about keeping your things within a particular radius. If you put the object outside the periphery, the app will immediately alert you. When you walk away from the object, the device will continuously notify you about the distance. A tap on the device’s button can help in emitting a sound from the phone, which you couldn’t find.