South Carolina is considered among the fastest-expanding states throughout the country. With a population of 5 million, South Carolina is the 23rd most populated state in the US. The southern hospitality, the grits, shrimp, trading snow boots, etc. are a few reasons that make this beautiful state highly desirable.

We have compiled a list of convincing reasons that makes people fall in love with South Carolina.

Highlights About South Carolina

  • The city is regarded as the #1 City in the U.S. and Canada’ in Travel Leisure for the fifth consecutive year.
  • This beautiful place is characterized by pastel-colored homes and cobblestone streets.
  • The weather at the place remains warm throughout the year.
  • Its population was recorded as 4.9 million in 2016. It is considered to be the 24th most populated state throughout the US.
  • Some of the popularly visited places in SC are Hilton Head, Greenville, Beaufort, Charleston, and Mt. Pleasant.
  • Beaches are the most visited places for seven months in a year.
  • The place boasts of delicious cuisine. It is also the place that gave birth to sweet tea.
  • The average price of a house in South Carolina is around $121 per square foot that is comparatively cheaper when compared to the other cities.

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Reasons to Move to South Carolina

Slow life

If the slow pace of life interests you, then this could be a major reason to choose South Carolina. In addition to it, it also boasts plenty of entertainment, delectable cuisines, and art.


The city has lower sales tax in comparison to other states. The cost of living is 13% low than the average national cost of living. This shows that financial gains could be one of the reasons why people wish to relocate to down south.


Folly Beach, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Kiawah Island, and Isle of Palms are some of the top beaches that you can find here. A large chunk of the crowd frequently visits these beautiful beaches to relax and enjoy.

The silky silvery sand, clear water, several offshore recreational activities, and luxurious resorts, etc. are some of the features that make South Carolina a perfect dream vacation for beach lovers.

Heart-Warming Hospitality

People in South Carolina are very sweet and courteous. They like to serve and help people. Due to the warm and friendly nature of the locals, South Carolina is regarded to be the most welcoming place in the entire US.

Natural beauty

South Carolina is known for its impressive natural beauty. The clear water, spectacular sunsets, historic roads lined with primitive trees like the 400 years old Angel Oak mesmerizes everyone.


South Carolina is characterized by its natural beauty, diverse culture, rich heritage, and economical benefits. Furthermore, the nice ambiance and amazing hospitality of people is what compels people to plant their roots in this city.