Not all men like to have loose long hair. Many of them tighten it at the back of the head. The ponytail hairstyle looks stylish and is admired by women. But don’t be happy for it. Hair, tightened at the back of the head, is subjected to strong tension. Therefore, they are getting damaged and fall out. If a man constantly wears such a hairstyle, the hair suffers greatly. What to do in such a situation? Have a short haircut? Not. You can choose a male haircut that suits the shape of the face. Wearing a baseball cap also negatively affects the condition of the hair. Due to the lack of a normal flow of air, the hair dims and begins to fall out. It becomes thinner and loses strength.

Carefully care for long hair in Manhattan Barbershop. Wash it once every two days with a soft shampoo. Use a conditioner. Trim your hair once a month and a half. So split ends will be removed.

Buying hair care products, give preference to products, which are based on water. They do not weigh down the hair, but give it lightness. Use a shampoo that has to strengthen hair.

Use hydrating agents to minimize volume. They will add extra weight to the hair. Use oil-based products for hair styling. They will make your hair shiny. A medium length haircut looks great on wavy hair. Keep this in mind.

Water contains chemicals that have a negative effect on the hair. They bleach the hair, make it brittle and overdried. You can minimize the negative impact of water in the pool with one simple action. You must first moisten the hair with tap water. Then the hair will not absorb poured water into the pool. There is another option to minimize the harm of chlorinated water. It consists in applying a hair conditioner.

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