Let’s admit it: most small and medium-sized companies don’t have massive advertising budgets. Traditional media, including print outs, tv and radio advertising are excessively high-priced. And, for all businesses that depend upon website traffic, Internet marketing and footfall, lack of budget won’t get that target audience to the door. Luckily, there’s another promoting method that’s incredibly efficient for many different companies: plain and organic balloons displays

Roberta Sabbatini, a ​balloon decorator in London​ ​ says that an increasing number of businesses are using this promotional methods, both as a decorations on their shop door, indoors and even when leaflet distributing on the streets

Promotional balloons – often known as marketing inflatables – are an incredibly inexpensive way of getting the interest of passersby and transforming leads into buyers. Commencing at slightly over $100, the expense of a promotional balloon can be recouped very quickly whatsoever.

There are several different types of advertising with balloons. They come in a variety of sizes, colours and now also shapes. Companies can easily customise the displays with their logos and the relevant marketing message. The available sizes can be large enough to attract attention from miles away, or small enough to catch the eye of a trade show attendee. Larger advertising balloons can even be lit at night to garner notice 24 hours a day.

“ Once a couple hired me as their ​wedding planner in Lake Como​, ​ says Roberta Sabbatini. Because we could not use lanterns for a local regulation, we gave all guests LED lit up balloons. The guests released them in the sky at night and the effect was simply mesmerising!”

A company could also purchase a pre-produced promotional balloon. For example one in the shape of any hot air balloon which says, “Grand Launching.” Eyesight-getting shades and forms are certain to attract consumers. In the same manner, dance balloons (otherwise known as blowing wind dancers) are eye-catching. Inflated by using a frosty atmosphere blower, these balloons will delight both adults and children.

There are just a couple of more points to consider, when using balloons for marketing

Lettering: If readability is vital, stick to only a few words on a few outlines. Determine the distance where you need your advertising and marketing balloon to be positioned. For optimum affect at 30 feet, as an example, words which are three inches higher will be enough. On the flip side, words which are 12 size have greatest impact at 120 feet

Hues: There are specific colour variations that can give your advertising balloon a lot more impact. Dark lettering against a white, yellow or light orange backdrop are pretty readable

In general though, the more colourful, the greater attention-grabbers your balloons will be