Games are the part and parcel of human life. Human has been playing games since the dawn of civilization. Since the invention of mobile phones human beings like to play game offline and online in both the ways. There are some games which come under the category of gambling. Online casino is the modern version of such gambling games. The old formats of this game are brick and mortar casino. But as the access of internet is in the reach of everyone, online casino has been gaining its popularity over old versions of the game. All over the world, millions of the players or gamblers play this game. 

Now it has been easy for anyone to play, and the player needs not to leave the house. Online casino offers lot of fun, entertainment and opportunity to win some amount of money. It is very much safe and quite easy to play, if you are not accustomed with the rules of the game. Real money can be used as well but for some it can be a daunting task. That why we delve deep into this particular game of online casino.

In this part of the article of guidance about online casino, we will tell you each and everything which is necessary for playing the game online. What are the offers and how do they work will be covered in it. What are the bonuses and rewards you may get while playing on the web and advice where to play. 

Types of online casino – web-based and download –based are the two types of the casino which are being played by millions of the players all around the world. 

Web based casino is also called no-download casino or flash casino where website users play without downloading it. For this game to play, there are Macromedia Flash, Java or Macromedia shockwave browser required. Apart from this, a strong internet connection is also mandatory to play online. 

Download based casino needs the player to download the software client and casino game offered by wager. Casino server connects the online casino software and works without browser’s help and support. This type of game version run faster than the web based game.

Bonuses and rewards 

Many online casinos provide sign up bonuses to new players and allow them to play well. These bonuses are called marketing in order to attract more new player to the game. There is a fixed minimum amount allowed to be withdrawn. Certain game rewards and amounts can be restricted from withdrawn by the wagering requirement.

Welcome bonus and referral 

The welcome bonus can be given on the first deposit and can be in the form of packages and may be offered to the player for first two or three deposits. There are two different types of referral bonuses as well. One is for the Referee and the other is for the Referrer. 

Other benefits of the game are it is easy and fast to deposits and withdrawals 24/7 with high end security.