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Hey fashionista! I bet you know a lot about fashion already; colours, matching shoes, killer jackets and oh, the perfect makeup (for the ladies)…the list goes on. But did you also know that there’s a lot to invest in fashion?


Yes, fashion is business and you need to invest in it. Are you curious about fashion? Do you love looking good? Then this article is for you; I bet you’ll have a nice read!


Invest In Your Body

Your body is the first thing to invest in. Your looks, your shape, your face! Eat healthy and nutritious foods, stay hydrated, hit the gym, burn the excess fat girl! Do your keto if you must, take care of your skin; and before I forget, sunscreens are ideal for you too. Before those clothes will look good on you, you need to look good yourself!


Invest In Your Shoes

Your shoes say a lot about your style. You don’t want to wear the wrong shoes for a particular outfit. It mustn’t be designers, and you mustn’t go out of your budget to get them, just make sure they fit-your outfit and your legs!


Invest In Your Underwear

Okay, this sounds ridiculous, but if you ask me, I’d say this is the basic unit of fashion; clean underwear! You know what they say about confidence coming from the inside? Well, the underwear is on the inside too; just make sure they’re clean!


Invest In Your Wristwatch

This may be a bit controversial as most people do not like wearing watches; however, wristwatches also say a lot about your style. Most people show off luxury and class by wearing expensive brands of wristwatches. 


Anyway, if your budget is tight, you can still wear copy wristwatches. They’re not the real thing and can’t be compared to the real brand, but they sure come in handy especially when you want to create an impression. For better replicas, try going for a “mirror class” counterfeit watch (นาฬิกาเกรด มิลเลอร์ which is a term in Thai).


Looking good is good business, so you should start investing!