When we want to work on our bodies externally, we look for the best gyms or physical trainers to help us meet our goals. But when it comes to working on our relationships, inner selves, or dealing with depression, we often find it difficult to share our problems with anyone.

If you’re facing a later situation, you certainly need to consult a licensed professional counselor Chicago to help you find the best solution to your problem. But now the question arises how to find the best counselor near you?

Don’t worry, here are a few simple ways you can find the right professional counselor to help you deal with different situations in life.

  1. Ask a professional who you trust:

A professional, like lawyer, dentist, accountant, or physician, whom you can trust, is a good resource to help you find a good counselor while keeping confidentiality. The professionals have a well-connected community, so they can refer you to someone worth meeting for your mental health.

  1. Ask family members or friends:

If you have a close family member or friend who can keep things confidential, you can ask them to help you reach out to a professional psychotherapist. But make sure the person with whom you’ll share your problem is supportive of you, not intrusive.

  1. Ask a known therapist as a resource:

If your friend or his/her friend is a therapist, you can further ask them for a referral. Usually, therapists do refer people to different specialists in their area of work. They also understand that you don’t want to see them for whatever reason but just looking for a referral. So, there is no need to be hesitant to ask them about some other qualified therapists in the community.

Professional Counselor in Chicago

With over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, Farah Hussain Baig from Inner Voice is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who loves to work with individuals, as well as couples to resolve their life stressors while helping them understand a more effective and happy way of living.

Farah’s clinical experience includes various community areas, such as residential treatment, mental health, employee assistance, and more. She provides psycho-educational workshops, as well as clinical consultations to the clients. She is also trained in various therapeutic modalities, such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Certified EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing).

Over the years she has worked with numerous people suffering from mental issues, clients struggling with alcohol, drug, and behavioral addictions, as well as families and children suffering from trauma and violence. If you feel you’re suffering from any of these issues or know someone who needs assistance in these areas of life, contact her on Innervoice PC via phone call on 312.620.1420 or Email: info@innervoicepc.com.