It may well come as a surprise to learn that the Pacific Northwest is just as good as anywhere else in the country for solar energy generation. Even though the area is famed for its damper and sometimes snowier climate these factors can actually help to boost power production. Furthermore, the Portland area receives just as much average sunlight as anywhere else in the country – and that’s what matters most when it comes to producing your own solar electricity! The Oregon solar energy incentives are also among the best in the country – meaning your first installation can enjoy some substantial deductions on the ticket price. Anyone looking to invest in their own residential or commercial solar power system should take action fast as these numerous incentives will not likely be around forever.

Use Incentives To Reduce Costs & Boost Performance

Regardless of whether you opt to pay for your solar panels in cash or via a low-interest loan the absolute objective must be to have the system ‘pay for itself’ as soon as possible. The best solar companies in Oregon will provide plenty of handy information about costs and financing while also providing a realistic estimate in regards to timescales and return on investment. Every project is different and some incentives are more universal than others, but you ought to expect your panels to have easily paid for themselves sooner than you may think. Providing you make use of those incentives it is not unrealistic to have paid off entirely a $15,000 solar investment within 8-10 years by grid electricity savings alone.

Net metering is definitely going to be the best option for most people in Oregon. Capitalize on making as much electricity as possible when that solar-perfect weather is in full swing by selling your excess back to the grid at the same price you’d pay. During the cloudier parts of the year, your panels will still be working but chances are you’ll need some energy from the grid as well. Get that production/consumption ratio right and you’ll massively cut your power costs from the very first year onwards. Remember that the best Oregon solar companies will be happy to provide further advice on how to streamline your base energy usage and requirements during the installation process. Get this combination right and that ‘payoff day’ will come even closer!

Oregon State Policy Makes Going Solar Easier & More Rewarding

Oregon has one of the best Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in the country meaning that the state obliges energy companies to incentivize private solar energy production. That’s why you’ll enjoy that fantastic dollar/dollar saving on excess production forwarded back into the grid. The Solar Carve-Out incentive works in a similar fashion and proactively penalized energy companies who are overly dependent on non-renewable sources. The Net Metering (NEM) and Interconnection policies are also among the best in the country that makes the whole process much simpler and cost-effective compared to other states.

Combine these state local incentives/policies with those still offered at a federal level and both residential and commercial solar installations in Oregon can be performed with some enormous savings on those start-up costs. Even if you need to consider taking out finance to cover your proportion of the costs its a no-brainer in the long term – and remember that solar panels with demonstrable performance also add baseline value to your property and business.

Solar Works Great In Oregon!

It is important to approach solar energy installations with a long term mindset – you really need to think in terms of years rather than months. Damper and cooler conditions usually help panels to work better compared to those in hotter states. Most manufacturers optimize their panels for best performance at temperatures below 77ºF. Anything over that can actually make panels less efficient and even affect their longevity. Added air circulation is also a good thing providing the solar companies have performed a secure installation and angled those panels correctly. Combine effective modern solar panels alongside batteries for excessive storage and net metering capability and Oregon is one of the best places in the country for both residential and commercial solar power installations.

Final Thoughts

Did you know that Germany receives about the same amount of annual sunshine as Alaska yet they happen to install solar energy panels on practically ever structure? They do so because solar power works superbly well in that kind of climate! the exact same applies to Oregon and the Northwest. Providing you are able to make the most of the especially bountiful parts of the year and make use of all the excellent incentives available throughout the state, then going solar here is simply as close to a no-brainer as it gets. Your system will save a considerable amount of money during its lifespan and you’ll be contributing towards a cleaner environment at the same time.