In some of the households, there are plenty of flies even if you take an extra amount of care. The presence of so many flies can really be too frustrating and also a health hazard because mostly these flies come from unhygienic places and can easily transfer the virus from the place they had landed previously.

When these flies find anything that they like in your house, they will try to crowd around those places. If their numbers are just a few then they can be easily handled however, if they appear in large numbers then it is a matter of concern. 

Of course, there are certain obstacles that you can use to stop them to make entry into your home. A couple of flies here and there inside your home may be tolerated and you can also easily handle the issue.

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Let us try to know why these flies can be seen in high number to our premise.

  • Adult flies can breed very quickly

It has been observed that any adult fly has the capacity of laying eggs at a single time about 150 numbers and each of them lays eggs 5 – 6 times in its entire life. So, you can see how quickly they can multiply in their numbers.

  • They prefer warm places

Generally, warm conditions will be quite favourable for laying eggs and their growth. Therefore, once they manage to make an entry into your home then they will find a very nice environment to multiply very quickly.   

  • Lifespan may be small but multiplies faster

Although, these flies do not live more than 30 days and hence if you think that they will eliminate by themselves then you are wrong. During their lifetime they will also multiply in great numbers and will be also followed by their offspring.

  • Any rotten item attracts them

If any rotten items are found inside the kitchen then it will attract them in great number. Any other garbage or debris lying in your kitchen will attract them and their breeding will continue.  

  • You may be not doing enough

If you are casual about their presence and do not take enough effort to prevent their entry and also their eradication then they will keep on multiplying and will continue to remain inside your premises. 

  • Fly may be necessary for the environment but not your home

No doubt these flies are also useful for the environment and become a source of food for many animals. But you can appreciate their presence from a distance but not at your home.

  • Creating a conducive environment for flies

Often in many households, people do not keep their premises clean and hygienic and as a result, these flies keep on multiplying their number and turns into a menace. 

To prevent the entry of these flies, use suitable fly screens for doors and also maintain good hygiene of your home.