WordPress is a web site which people can use to make their own website. WordPress allows the developers to customize the website. They can also promote to get traffic. Some developers can face problems in debugging and resetting the database of the website. This problem can bring a lot of stress and tension. In order to get rid of this problem, a plugin has been made which is known as WP Reset plugin. This is an efficient tool which any web developer can use whether he is a beginner, or an expert. Let us know full detail about this plugin.

What is WP Reset Plugin?

This is a plugin which developers can use to reset all the settings of the database made for a website. The database returns to its default value and developers can use it to make different tables and insert values. The safety and security of this plugin made it very popular and people are using it for resetting the database. File system will not be affected by using this plugin.

Features of the plugin

This plugin consists of many features and these are discussed here.

Interface is very simple

The interface of the plugin is simple and easy to use. People can manage and control it easily. The plugin has been mad for the beginners are new in the task of website development. The plugin will help them to debug and reset the database of their website easily.

Speed of processing

The plugin has the capability to reset the database within a few minutes. The tool has been developed in such a way that no time is wasted and working of the WordPress system is enhanced.

Reset with one click

WP Reset has a feature of one click reset which can be used by all the developers from beginners to experts to reset a website. There are many failsafe mechanisms available in the plugin so people need not worry about any failure. The need to click the Reset button once and wait for a few minutes to reset the website.

WP command line interface support

The plugin also provides the support to command line interface. The abbreviation for this support is WP CLI. Users can use the plugin though command line interface and control and manage it. One disadvantage of this service is that after starting the reset process through command line, it cannot be undone.

Database snapshot

Database snapshot is a feature which developers can use to take a backup of the database before resetting it. If the developer wants to check the database and the changes made to the table, he can restore it and check all of them. It takes only a few seconds to take the snapshot.

Multisite reset

This feature helps in resetting multiple websites at once. Developers need not waste time by resetting each website.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the features of WP Reset plugin and people can use it easily to reset their website which is built on WordPress. The interface of the plugin is very simple and people can use it easily and comfortably.