After an unusual beginning of spring, marked by cold and intense rains in most of the country, finally, spring, as we know it, made its arrival and with it very sunny days and intense heat.

Then, the time has come to get to work and protect, as much as possible, your car from the inclement sun that is being felt these hot days, especially if you need to know the Car sun visor price (ที่บังแดดรถยนต์ราคา, which is the term in Thai) and buy.

1.- Run Away From The Sun

Avoid parking in direct sunlight. We know that sometimes it is impossible to follow this advice, especially if you live in large urban conglomerates, where choosing a place to park is more due to opportunity than need, but it is a good tip if you want your car not to burn. If you can’t find shady spots on the street, go for a carport. It will be a little more expensive, but your car will thank you.

2.- If You Had A Place In The Shade

Consider the movements of the sun. If it takes a long time, the shady spot you chose may turn out to be very sunny when you return. If you had the opportunity to stay under a tree or use Car Cover Tent Price (เต๊นท์คลุมรถราคา, which is the term in Thai) and check if this is not a lollipop or some other specimen that drops sap on your car, it takes a lot of work to remove it!

3.- Protect The Interior

Whenever you leave your car parked somewhere outdoors, put a sun visor on the windshield and, if you can, one on the medallion. The material of these accessories bounces off the sun’s rays and keeps the interior at a more comfortable temperature.

4.- Protect The Steering Wheel

Use steering wheel covers. You will avoid that terrible experience of taking the wheel as if it were a hot potato. If you didn’t have a chance to do so, then open the car windows and wait a few minutes for the steering wheel to cool down. For no reason do you start driving in these conditions; it is entirely unsafe.