Though they may not be often talked about because of their “dirty work,” septic systems are a vital part of any property. From the time of septic system installation, this system helms the crucial process of degrading your wastes and of ensuring that they become purified enough for them to be safely absorbed by the surrounding ground or soil.

Septic systems can last anywhere from two to five decades. But sometimes, premature wearing can prompt you to replace yours sooner than what is usual. Here are eight tell-tale signs to watch out for.

You experience slower drains. One of the first signs you will encounter is the slowing of your drains — whether it’s in your sink or in your bathtub. Though it could mean that you have a simple clog, it could also be attributed to a more significant problem in your septic system.

You have consistent pipe backups. Have you ever experienced raw sewage backing up in your toilet? Or heard gurgling sounds in your pipes? If yes — and you have been experiencing these scenarios consistently — it’s high time to have your system checked for possible replacement.

You persistently smell bad odors. The first two signs are often accompanied by a foul smell. This can be caused by the gases escaping from your septic tank that has already reached its capacity. Apart from being unpleasant, this odor is already unhealthy.

You see standing water in your yard. Companies that provide septic system installation and maintenance services point to this sign as one of those more alarming ones. It is an indicator that there’s something wrong with your drain field — and a simple repair might not just be able to resolve it.

You have an unusually green lawn. Many homeowners are working hard to keep their lawn green. However, if it’s just unusually lush, it might be because of a nearby septic tank with a water disposal issue. This water can help fertilize its surroundings, thus making a certain portion of your garden greener than others.

You often have issues with your septic tank. Your septic tank is a crucial component of your septic system — it is where your household waste is transported and “digested.” If the solids are not being degraded properly, it may affect the performance of your tank. If you have been pumping your tank too frequently, you might be better off if you will just simply replace it.

Your water is contaminated. When you hire a septic tank technician, one of the issues they will check is your water quality. If it has significant levels of nitrates, bacteria, and other contaminants — it could indicate that your septic system has a serious problem and is already ripe for replacement.

Your system is too old. If your septic system installation was done almost four to five decades ago, you might want to consider replacing it already. If your system is too old, repairing it constantly might negatively affect your finances in the long run. An old system might also not be able to accommodate the lifestyle changes you’ve had over the years (e.g. Increased water consumption).

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