You may clean your home all the time but nothing beats having pressure washing services. It’s very satisfying to see your home go back to its original form: pre-dust and gunk. Below are signs your home is in bad need of some pressure washing services.


Have you looked at the deck lately? If you have not, it’s probably in bad need of some power washing. Check for gunk in between your deck’s slants. There could be old nails slowly getting loosened from your deck slats. Power washing not only helps you clean your deck, it also helps you examine if any of the parts need replacing. Once you have removed the gunk and the rust, you can now focus on rehabilitating your deck.


Roof tiles can get discolored over time. This can be caused by pollution, ashfall, rain, and heat. The good news is, if your roof tiles are just dirty, you can bring back its luster just by applying pressure washing services. You can also avoid damaging your roof by regularly power washing your roof tiles. Over time, gunk can put a lot of weight on your roof which can then cause cracks and leaks. It’s a good preemptive measure which also heightens your home’s curb appeal.

Porch furniture

The beauty of your porch furniture is that they can look good as new again with proper cleaning. If you feel like your porch furniture is looking darker or more faded than they did before, just try some good old fashioned power washing. You can call for a service or you can do this on your own if you have a pressure washer.


Are you planning to have your home repainted soon? It’s good to powerwash your walls first before priming and applying new paint. This way, you can be sure that your new paint sticks well. This will also prevent unsightly bumps on your new paint application.

Green Gunk

Green gunk can be unsightly but you should be more concerned about its health repercussions. This green gunk or slime can be mold and mildew. At the very least, they’re algae. To get rid of them effectively and fast, it’s best to get some pressure washing services. You can also power wash this on your own as long as you are wearing the proper protective gear.

Lackluster Siding

Are the sides of your home looking dreary and old? It’s best to have the sides of your home pressure washed as well. This can give your home its much-needed makeover. It’s great to do this once a year, especially before repainting.

Stained Driveway

Your driveway can be stained because of dirt and oil, or some sort of paint spill. The great thing about power washing is that it can erase even the most stubborn stains. If scrubbing is not working, give pressure washing services a try. Or jump right through it and just pressure wash. It doesn’t matter if you are employing someone else or doing it yourself. Fun fact: some people have invested in power washing cleaners because it is so satisfying to power wash your home on your own.

If you are looking for tried and tested pressure washing services, contact us today at JCS Home Services. From removing dirt, moss, stains, droppings, and more, our team can help you.