The numbers of cyber-crimes online have increased by a large margin over the years making online shopping very unsafe. You not only need to find top quality security layer to safeguard your credit card but also maintain devise your own mechanisms to keep your details safe from unauthorized access.  Once your credit card information is stolen expect credit damages not to mention impersonation and fraud cases your details may be used to commit. To keep your cards safe when shopping online consider the virtual credit card or better yet purchase a CVV for your credit card from Valid CC Shop2. Here are some of the options you have in case you suspect or confirm the theft of your credit card number and personal details by hackers.

Reset all your passwords

This should be your first move in plan to curb the fraudulent activities or card misuse that the thieves may be planning. You must as such start by resetting the password and access to the card that may be compromised during the phishing attempt. You should also avoid making changes to your credit card for instance password change online using unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

Set up 2-factor authentication

This is a security feature that most companies have setup to protect their clients. Credit card companies are the latest to adopt this piece of technology to ensure that the card holders are always aware of any attempt to login to their account. Any attempt to log in to the account will come with an authentication code to the mobile phone of the card holder. This makes it easy to only guarantee that the card holder is the only one that can gain access to the account unless they also lose their mobile device to the hackers.

Set up credit freeze

All is not lost when you lose your credit card, you can choose to play the ‘freeze my card’ option. In this case you will have all your identity to be verified for a whole year by lenders before any payments are dispatched. When you freeze the card all its loan applications from there on will be rejected making it useless to the thief. You can contact TransUnion, Experian or alternatively Equifax to set up a credit card freeze alert. These calls will however have to be separate of each other for action to be taken in case the card is in use.

Contact your credit company issuer fraud section

Have you reported the credit card theft incident to the local law enforcement unit? This can ensure immediate action searching for the culprits whether digital or physical commence sooner rather than later. You should then apply to get a new card from your credit card issuer however only after closing the previous accounts. Leaving old or lost credit cards without closing could surprise you with enormous bills to clear that you had no knowledge of their existence.