When we tend to buy a home, we always bother about the right direction that we can use as facing. This is because we want proper sunlight to enter our premises, proper air to flow through, and much more and all these depend upon the right-facing. So, if you are buying a property in condos, you can opt for the west sided condo (คอน โด ทิศ ตะวันตก, which is the term in Thai) which is considered the most preferred direction by all the condominiums due to its immense benefits. Let’s check out the reasons why the west side is the right for you! 

How To Determine The Right Direction For Facing 

  • For Sunlight: 

One of the most prominent reasons for which the west side condo is the most preferred direction is that the rooms receive sunlight right from the morning till evening and you can take sunbathe any time of the day. Moreover, morning sunlight is also beneficial to get Vitamin D3 to the appropriate amount which is very important for the human body. 

  • For Wind: 

In condos, cool wind flows indoors which heal the body and mind completely. Also, the wind flow helps the clothes to get dried sooner within a shorter period. It conveniences people to wait for long to get the wet clothes to be dried. 

  • For Hanging TV: 

TV is the most important element for our entertainment. To get the expected enjoyment and entertainment from this, it must be hung at proper places where neither the sunlight bothers much nor the reflection of lights interrupts our vision. West-sided condo fulfills this requirement to the extent we expect and satisfies our wants perfectly. 

  • For Surrounding Views: 

It is the western side of the condo that offers you the pleasure of the surrounding views perfectly. You can satisfy your eyes either with the morning view or the evening landscape full of lights of different industries and other residential properties and it is a moment to be cherished. 

When you buy a west side condo you can comfortably set your entire home just like your dream. For instance, if you want to set your bathroom and kitchen area comfortably so that you can use them with full convenience, then this direction of the facing can offer you the same with completeness. To get a property, contact any condominium real estate dealers now!