Trust me, I’ve been there and I totally know how it feels seeing your great content not getting to that much people. It feels great when you get your fist 1000 likes on your content posting, but what’s even more amazing is seeing your posting hit about 10,000 likes or more on Instagram.

But sadly, if you’re reading this posting, that is most definitely not you. You’re probably trying to convince yourself not to go ahead with the plan you’ve set out for your Instagram account which is buying followers on Instagram. Here, we’re going to convince you even further and explain to you why you shouldn’t proceed with your plans.

Fake Instagram followers are not family

It gets to a point in every social media influencer’s life where you need to communicate with your Instagram family. This activity involves asking questions on your story for them to answer or giving an option for them to ask you anything at all, going on live and expecting your followers to join you, running a giveaway and various other things it takes to communicate with your Instagram family. But on the contrary, when you buy Instagram followers, they most likely will never respond to any of your so called family time. Which is really sad. The number displaying on your profile may deceive you into thinking that you actually have an Instagram family.

Little to no engagement

Now,buying followers on Instagram, may look appealing at first. As an upcoming social media famous individual, it’s exciting seeing so many likes coming in as well as follow up notification, your inbox probably buzzing with display message. Sorry to break it to you, but this phase that seems like instagram paradise will fade of before you know it. Fake followers do not engage on your post. After you buy the followers, they may give you what you want in the beginning, but it’s only a matter of time before that wears off.

You could lose real followers

Having fake followers can make you seem unreal and look like a scam. To give an instance, if I wanted to go shopping for a bag and I’m surfing through Instagram for the right page to buy from, I look out for the number of likes the have as well as the number of followers they have. If the number of followers is about ten thousand, I’m expecting to see the number of likes t maybe 5000 or more. Now if this is not the case and I’m seeing just a few hundreds, even if that page is legit, I really won’t buy from there because I’m unsure and I feel like it’s a scam page. Buying Instagram followers can do this to your account even if you’re not a scam.